Hands-on Training at the Marine Technology Camps

August 21, 2019

This summer, the Marine Technology Society partnered with Northwestern Michigan College and Rutgers University to offer two hands-on technology experiences for students. The vision of the camps has been to give undergraduates an opportunity to have a hands-on experience – learning about, deploying, and collecting data using a range of marine technologies.

The Marine Technology Camp at Northwestern Michigan College

From May 20 – 24, MTS and Northwestern Michigan College collaborated to offer the fourth Marine Technology Camp in Traverse City, Michigan. Students spent time on research vessels, collected data using ROVs, sonar, and sensors and learned about the multiple applications of these technologies. In addition to using marine technologies, participants were introduced to several aerial assets at NMC’s private UAS airport.

Participants were given tours of the Northwestern Michigan College campuses and facilities including the marine electronics laboratory, marine hydraulics laboratory, 65,000-gallon indoor marine training tank, unmanned aerial systems laboratory, 3-D printing lab, and the data processing labs. This year’s camp will be held from May 18 – 22, 2020.

The Marine Technology Camp at Rutgers

From June 10 – 14, MTS collaborated with Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, to offer the second Glider Camp in New Brunswick. The camp provided students with access to the assets of Rutgers’ Center for Ocean Observing Leadership (COOL), where they were introduced to the underwater robots (Slocum Gliders) while gaining the experience of preparing, ballasting, deploying and piloting a glider. This experience was intended for students with little to no experience using glider technologies.

Participants toured the COOL facilities, utilized the COOLRoom, the command and control center for world-wide glider operations, and the opportunity to deploy a glider off the coast of New Jersey. This year’s camp will be held, June 8 – 12, 2020.

Get Involved

The camps were extremely successful and will be held again next May and June at Northwestern Michigan College and Rutgers University.  In addition to expanding the number of camps, we would welcome MTS member companies to collaborate with the camp and arrange for additional equipment demonstrations for participants in future years.

For more information about the camps, please contact Hans Van Sumeren (hvansumeren@nmc.edu) of Northwestern Michigan College, Josh Kohut (kohut@marine.rutgers.edu) of Rutgers University, or Liesl Hotaling (lieslhotaling@yahoo.com), MTS VP for Education.

Author: Liesl Hotaling, MTS Vice President of Education.


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