MTS Continues Support of National Ocean Sciences Bowl

August 27, 2019

MTS is proud to continue supporting the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) annual competition.

Each year the NOSB relies on volunteers to submit questions for the regional and national competitions (a whopping 2,500 questions are needed each year). Last year MTS members came through with more than 100 quiz questions. Can you do it again? 

The NOSB is asking MTS members to consider submitting questions covering the technologies used to measure or mitigate environmental and natural disasters, pollution and oil spills – especially in the Gulf of Mexico.

Guidance for question writing is available on the NOSB website. If you are interested in question writing for future NOSB competitions please contact the National Office at 202-232-3900 or

NOSB Coaches Welcomed as MTS Members

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl teams work year-round with the help of coaches who prepare them for the competition. The coaches of the top 8 winning 2019 teams were welcomed into MTS membership: Andrew Marsh, Ingo Gaida, Fang Xie, Penny Manfredi, Clare Ng, Teresa Springer, Megan Gray, and Charles Mulligan.


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