MTS Partnership Update – October 2019

October 16, 2019

Kathleen Herndon
MTS Executive Director

The Society has a long and proud history of partnership with related organizations in the marine technology space. These relationships increase and diversify the membership of the Society; broaden and enhance the visibility and influence of the Society with a range of audiences, including the international community, decision-makers and policy-makers, technical communities, professional societies, and the media; and open new possibilities for funding and sponsorship of a range of MTS activities. The MTS Engagement Policy offers strategic guidance to MTS leadership and staff on expected outcomes and benefits of its many partnerships.

What’s New?

MTS & SUT Launch a Pilot Certification Program. In May 2019, MTS signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) to coordinate activities and develop joint initiatives that foster mutually beneficial reach and impact of the two societies. Since May, the societies have successfully collaborated on a pilot certification program (CMarTech); laid the groundwork for the establishment of new international Sections of MTS and SUT; and identified opportunities for joint awards. 

MTS & AMS Define an Earth Science Systems Approach to Advocacy. MTS President Richard Spinrad, Immediate Past President Donna Kocak, and Executive Director Kathleen Herndon met with leadership at the American Meteorological Society to discuss collaboration opportunities, as well as advocated for the establishment of an “earth sciences systems” approach to advocacy, uniting to approach policy-makers and decision-makers.

MTS, OSA & AGU Facilitate Partnerships between Academia and Industry. This fall, we also met with the leadership of the Optical Society of America to explore networking and collaboration between the societies, particularly focused on bringing together scientists who are developing new sensor technology with MTS manufacturing companies that can build vehicles to deploy the technology. We also discussed strengthening the partnership between MTS, OSA, and the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

Benefits to MTS Members

By bringing together businesses, institutions, professionals, academics, and policy-makers, MTS is forging partnerships that will promote the awareness, understanding, advancement, and application of marine technologies. MTS is committed to fostering an environment of collaboration and interdisciplinary integration for the benefit of our members and the ocean science and technology community. Stay tuned for another update on MTS engagement in the next issue of Currents.


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