Dynamic Positioning Committee Conference Going Strong

December 16, 2019

December 9, 2019

For more than 20 years, the Dynamic Positioning Conference has been the focal point for sharing and advancing the technologies that relate to dynamic positioning.

Run by volunteers from the MTS Dynamic Positioning Committee, the two-day conference and workshop drew a few hundred attendees who were welcomed by DP Committee Chair, Pete Fougere, before sitting in on two dozen sessions including a Keynote address by Dr. John P. Thomas, of MIT (click to view the program).

Michael Hensley
2019 Distinguished Achievement Award

During the conference, Michael Hensley was awarded the 2019 Dynamic Positioning Committee Distinguished Achievement Award. Hensley is an active contributor and supporter of the DPC Guidance and Standards subcommittee. He has served as a champion for the development and review of various TECHOP’s, including the TECHOP “A method for Proving the Fault Ride Through Capability of DP Vessels HV Power Plant”.

Hensley is an Assistant Chief Engineer at ABS where he has worked to raise awareness of delivering predictable incident-free DP Operations and has championed revisions to the DP Rules to achieve this objective. He promulgates the guidance documents and continuously strives to improve DP competency in the ABS organization. He is a strong advocate for improving the quality of effective FMEAs.

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