Monmouth, Stevens, Stockton and Rutgers Team Up to Form MTS New Jersey Student Section

March 18, 2020

Kicking off with a tour of the underwater glider program at Rutgers University’s Center for Ocean Observing Leadership (COOL) in the summer of 2019, four New Jersey institutions – Monmouth University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Stockton University, and Rutgers University – have banded together to form a single student section. In addition to focusing on outreach, cooperation, and sharing information about different areas of study, the section is committed to promoting career development and offering opportunities for students to gain field experience at other institutions.

“The link was shared interest,” said Steve Evert, Manager of the Stockton University Marine Field Station. “Stevens Tech brings the engineering side, Monmouth the policy and marine survey, Stockton the marine survey and undergrad prep, Rutgers the global mapping and ocean observation… Everyone had something different to contribute.”

Student sections had existed at two of these universities but fell into inactivity. New student leadership at these four schools hopes that uniting different institutions into a single section will enable better pooling of resources, create shared responsibility and more cross-discipline exposure, as well as greater industry networking – all of which can benefit students at each institution. But these students have even bigger plans in mind. They been working with local middle and high school robotics programs with construction and operation and are also working with other marine science and environmental clubs on campus to organize field trips and even a marine science quiz bowl.

Although trying to coordinate schedules, speakers, and meetings between four universities has been a challenge, the advantages of teaming up with other schools is already being showing measurable results. “Having these schools work together allows us to collaborate and offer students as many opportunities as possible,” said Caitlin Turner, who serves as Stockton’s section president. “This association [with MTS] has offered students exposure to new technology, an introduction to many careers within marine science and engineering, outreach with local schools, career development, and keeping students up to date with research, internship, and scholarship opportunities.”

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