A Call for Justice, Equality, and Unity

June 8, 2020

Following the recent and senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others before them, and the massive outpouring of grief, anger, pain and sadness across the United States, MTS acknowledges the underlying societal challenges and remains committed to helping build and strengthen an environment which fosters inclusion. MTS recognizes that these brutal deaths are not isolated but part of a racist culture that must be changed. We join in the call that George Floyd’s death be the last.   

Together we can build a better tomorrow for all people and the planet that is our shared home. MTS is committed to working toward a global society that ensures that all people are valued for their inherent worth and treated with justice and dignity. 

MTS joins with other professional scientific societies (e.g. AMS, AGU, AAAS) in a call to action. We have much more work to do to remove the barriers to diversity and inclusion and we call on every member of MTS to be part of that change.

– The MTS Board and MTS HQ Team

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