Teledyne CARIS: Leveraging AI Technology On The Cloud For The Future of Ocean Mapping

July 23, 2020

– Wednesday, August 5
– From 12 Noon – 1:00 PM (ET)

This webinar will introduce machine learning technology and describe the sonar noise classifier and the need for AI in marine mapping. The panelists will discuss why a cloud solution was chosen and the role cloud technology plays in the future for marine mapping.

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Tami Francksen is the Hydrographic Product Manager at Teledyne CARIS focusing on development ideas and maintenance for HIPS and SIPS and Bathy DataBASE. She has been with the company for five years after her start as a field Hydrographer with NOAA working primarily in Alaska’s Arctic region.

Burns Foster is the R&D Projects Manager at Teledyne CARIS, focusing on developing new products and services outside of CARIS’ core competencies. He previously spent five years as the Product Manager for HIPS and SIPS, CARIS’ flagship processing software suite.

Maryam Jameela is a Second Year Ph.D. Student/ Researcher in GeoICT/ AUSMLab at Department of Earth and Space Sciences, York University. Her research is focused on GeoAI, Computer Vision, GIS, Geospatial and temporal benchmarking. In addition Maryam enjoys independent projects in Web and Mobile Application Development projects.

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