2018 MTS Board of Directors Elections

2018 Board of Directors Elections

The online election had a very good turnout. However, after careful analysis, the MTS Board has determined that voter eligibility as defined by the Bylaws was not followed due to ongoing updates to the member database. Since this discovery, MTS Staff has been diligently working with our database management firm to consolidate and clean up the member records from past versions. We have taken the next step to validate our membership count with financial information and are now confident that the database is accurate and up-to-date. Each of the candidates has been notified and is aware of the circumstances. For this reason, the MTS Board will conduct a new election. Anyone attending OCEANS 2018 in Charleston will have an opportunity to join or renew their membership and be eligible to vote. A ballot box will be on site at the MTS Annual Meeting (per the Bylaws) on Tuesday to collect paper ballots; otherwise, electronic ballots will be sent out to all eligible members through eBallot on 6 November with voting open through 5 December. 

The open positions are for President-Elect and Vice President of Section Affairs.  Please click here for each candidates biographical profile for President-Elect and here for VP of Section Affairs.  As a reminder, the President-Elect position is a 6-year term (2 years as President-Elect, 2 years as President and 2 years as Past President) and the Vice President position is a 3-year term with both positions beginning their terms on January 1, 2019.

Please keep in mind, only members in good standing can cast a ballot.  If your membership has lapsed please renew online by Oct 26; if you experience any issues contact membership@mtsociety.org.


Term: Six (6) years; serves two (2) years as President-Elect, two (2) years as President,
and two (2) years as Immediate Past President.
Description: The President Elect of MTS supports the President in leadership of the
organization to include but not limited to the Board of Directors, strategic planning,
achieving the organization’s mission statement. This position also serves as chair of
the Membership and Section Committee and Chair of the Nominating Committee. 

President-Elect Candidates

Dr. Andrew Clark
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Dr. John Potter

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Zdenka Willis

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Term: Three (3) years and not to exceed two (2) consecutive terms
Description: The Vice President of Sections Affairs is responsible for the activities of
all Society sections and serves on the Membership and Sections Committee.

VP of Section Affairs Candidates

Mr. Brian Bearden

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Mr. Richard Crout

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