Leak Detection Symposium

Subsea Leak Detecion Symposium
November 17 - 18, 2015
Houston, Texas, USA


Thank you to all that attended this symposium! In it's 3rd year, the Subsea Leak Detection Symposium once again explored innovative strategies in the field of early leak detection in subsea structures and pipeline, as well as defined ways this technology assists in risk mitigation. Technology developers focused on tool advancements and the current direction of technology development while users and operators discussed implementation and operational challenges.

Symposium Presentations (coming soon!) and Preliminary Agenda:

Jens Abrahamsen, GE Oil & Gas
Vincent Lamour, Cementys    
Doug Gibson, Fotech
Subsea Leak Detection
Delphine Laborde, DNVGL
Selection, Integration and Management of Leak Detection Systems
Brian Anderson,  ASV
Persistent, Unmanned Leak Detection: C-Worker 6 Offshore Support ASV
Bjarte Langeland, Stinger
Cheap and Easily Installed Solution for 'Real Time' Monitoring of Subsea Wells
Thierry Baussant, IRIS
Using state-of-the-art genosensing for oil leak detection: implementation and challenges
Wes Morgan, Shell
Shell Leak & Integrity Monitoring
Pietro Barbagelata, CO.L.MAR Michel Masson, Franatech
Subsea Leak Detection Symposium
Alex Barnard, U of H
Isaac Kim, Texas A&M
Walt McCall, Blue Ocean Monitoring
Real-time Ocean Surveillance Using Autonomous Gliders
Sören Themanm, Kongsberg
Stephen Fasham, Sonardyne
Towards a Fully-Automated Multi-Element Subsea Leak Detection System
David Chenault, Polaris Sensor
eTherm® Sensing Technology for Oil on Water Locator (OWL™)
Arnold Hechanova, Chevron
John Koegler, Wet Labs 
Advances in fluorometric and backscattering technologies for detecting subsea crude oil
Shane Siebenaler, SWR
Subsea Fiber-Optic Leak Detection
Josh Elvander, BlueFin Robotics
AUV Plume Detection and Adaptive Behaviors
Álvaro Sarmet, Forsys Subsea
Leak Detection System via Stochastic Predictors

Planning Committee:

Questions? Contact Ms. Chris Barrett at chris.barrett@mtsociety.org

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