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ianharper@wavespec.comIMarEST (UK)
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3 Arbrook Lane
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KT10 9EG+44 1372 462472

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As a British Chartered Marine Engineer I was part of the design team for Shell in 1980 on the North Sea DP support vessel Stadive. I subsequently assisted in development of international standards for DP vessels and prepared auditing guidance for the North Sea and worldwide DP operations on diving, pipeplaying and subsea construction vessels.
My company, Wavespec, is a member of IMCA and we have prepared recent industry guidance on FMEA management and methodology. Throughout more than 40 years in the marine industry (more than 25 years dealing with dynamic positioning) I have been involved with all aspects of the business as consultant and client. I am presently active in managing FMEA studies and in working to improvements levels of DP performance around the world.
In addition, as an active participant in the LNG industry for 35 years, I am a regular speaker at LNG Shipping conferences and events, and Wavespec provides consultation to many of the major oil and shipping industry companies on LNG shipping and future possibilities for offshore loading, storage and discharge terminals.
Secondary Education at The Perse School, Cambridge, England 1954 to 1961 gaining Ordinary and Advanced Level certificates.
College Education as a marine engineering apprentice with BP Tankers at Hendon College of Technology gaining Ordinary national and Higher National Diploma certificates in Mechanical Engineering 1961 to 1966.
Part-time Diploma in Industrial Administration at Leicester Polytechnic 1970.
Master of Science degree in Project Management awarded by Brunel University in 1990.
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Puget Sound Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Audits and Trials of DP VesselsFMEA, DP, Drillship, DSV, OSV, Pipelay, Audit, LNG, FSRU, FPSO

White Papers, Articles, Publications (with links, where appropriate)  
FMEA Management Guide - IMCA M178 Apr 2005
Fires in machinery spaces on DP vessels - IMCA M119 Rev. 1 Jul 2003
Operational Experience with Dynamically Positioned Diving Support Vessels - IMarEST Technical Papers, Volume: V97 1985
Diving and Dynamic Positioning Offshore - Shell Seatex publication 1984
Future Predictions for the Marine Transportation of Natural Gas - RINA Conference 2004
Future Development Options for LNG Marine Transportation - AIChE Spring meeting 2002

Member of MTS
Fellow of IMarEST
Chartered Engineer (UK)
IMCA Company membership
former Member of the IMechE

Awards, Achievements, Grants  

Improving DP Operational Reliability through Application of the IMCA FMEA Management Guide - MTS DP Conference presentation 2005
FMEA Management Guide - IMCA Annual Seminar presentation 2004
FMEA Studies - How Deep Should We Go? - MTS DP Conference presentation 1998
Operational Experience with Dynamically Positioned Diving Support Vessels - IMarEST presentation 1985
Presentation on LNG Offshore Transfer Options to Nigerian petroleum industry training course in London January 2005
Factors Involved in LNG Ship Propulsion - London conference 2005
Design Improvements in LNG Carriers - London Conference on Commercial Strategies for LNG Shipping 2004


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