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The Marine Technology Society Journal is the flagship publication of the Marine Technology Society. It publishes the highest caliber, peer-reviewed papers on subjects of interest to the society: marine technology, ocean science, marine policy and education. The Journal is dedicated to publishing timely special issues on emerging ocean community concerns while also showcasing general interest and student-authored works.

Current Impact Factor:  .678
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Calls For Papers

The MTS Journal invites submissions of original manuscripts based on research within one of the professional disciplines of the Society.

  • Volume 52, Number 2: March/April 2018
    An Intergovernmental Blueprint for Community Resiliency: 
    The Hampton Roads Sea Level Rise Preparedness and 
    Resilience Intergovernmental Pilot Project

    Guest Editors: Ray Toll and Gerhard F. Kuska
    Manuscript submission deadline October 18, 2017. More information here.

  • Volume 52, Number 3: May/June 2018
    Lessons Learned from Ocean Observing Systems, Volume II A Tribute to Vembu Subramanian
    Guest Editor: Ian Walsh
    Manuscript submission deadline December 20, 2017. More information here.

  • Volume 52, Number 4: July/August 2018
    Coastal Water Quality: From Science to Solutions
    Guest Editors: Dr. Robert Weaver and Dr. Kelli Hunsucker
    Manuscript submission deadline February 21, 2018. More information here.

  • Volume 52, Number 6: November/December 2018
    Advancing Oil Spill Research
    Guest Editors: Dana Yoerger, Steve Murawski and Liesl Hotaling
    Manuscript submission deadline June 20, 2018. More information here.


Editorial Calendar

Upcoming editions of the MTS Journal:


  • Volume 52, Number 1: January/February 2018
    Blue Futures: Educating the Next Generation
  • Volume 52, Number 2: March/April 2018
    Coastal Resiliency
    Draft manuscripts due October 18, 2017
  • Volume 52, Number 3: May/June 2018
    Worldwide Ocean Observing Systems
    Draft manuscripts due December 20, 2017
  • Volume 52, Number 4: July/August 2018
    Coastal Water Quality: From Science to Solutions
    Draft manuscripts due February 21, 2018
  • Volume 52, Number 6: November/December 2018
    Advancing Oil Spill Research
    Draft manuscripts due June 20, 2018

Author Information


Information for submitting manuscripts can be found at here.

Authors who intend to submit a manuscript are encouraged to complete an author information form (available on the website listed above) and return it to Amy Morgante as soon as possible.

For comments, suggestions or requests, please send email to Amy Morgante.


The MTS Journal is a publication of the Marine Technology Society.  The Marine Technology Society has published the MTS Journal under its current title since 1969.


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Manuscript Submission

Please contact Managing Editor Amy Morgante about submitting manuscripts for the MTS Journal.

Editorial Board

Anni Vuorenkoski Dalgleish, Ph.D.
Harbor Branch Oceanographic
Institute at Florida Atlantic University

 Scott Kraus, Ph.D.
 New England Aquarium

Ralph Rayner, Ph.D.
BMT Limited

Ann Jochens, Ph.D.   
Texas A&M University

Donna Kocak
HARRIS CapRock Corporation

Brock Rosenthal
Ocean Innovations


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