About MTS Professional Committees

There’s a lot going on in the coming year and some status changes for MTS Committees (networks of professionals focused on advancing research and development in specialized areas of the field). Learn more and join a committee today.

Buoy Technology

The mission of the Buoy Technology Committee is to foster the technology and experience exchange in the highly specialized field of buoy systems that can endure in the challenging and fatiguing ocean environment. Mark your calendar for the 2020 Buoy Workshop to be held April 13-16 in Wilmington, NC.

To learn more about the Buoy Technology Committee, contact Rick Cole.

Deepwater Field Development Technology

The mission of the Deepwater Field Development Technology Committee is to provide a forum for the dissemination of information regarding the deepwater field development technology, including but not limited to packaging technical sessions, organizing workshops, providing mechanisms for recognizing technical excellence in the area, sponsoring industry-related activities, sponsoring high school or college competitions, and maintaining a Web page.

To learn more about the Deepwater Field Development Technology Committee, contact Benton Baugh.


The objectives of the Diving Committee are: to provide a forum for communication on all aspects of diving; to encourage the publication of technical papers on diving through the conferences and journals of the Marine Technology Society; to encourage the development and use of new diving technology and procedures, and refinement of existing technology and procedures; to address from the independent viewpoint of a professional technical society, topics and issues of interest to the diving community and to divers; to cooperate with other professional committees and the sections of the Marine Technology Society in furthering the overall goals of the society; and to cooperate with committees of other societies in the United States and abroad in the furtherance of diving technology and procedures. Our Diving Committee is actively seeking input for 2019-2020 activities.

To learn more about the Diving Committee, contact Michael Lombardi or Michael Max.

Dynamic Positioning

The Dynamic Positioning Committee was established to provide a consistent forum for the exchange of information, discussion of technology, training and education, improvement of reliability, review of existing and proposed guidelines and/or regulations, and any other issues pertinent to dynamic positioning and consistent with the objectives of the Marine Technology Society.

The DP Committee activities include the annual DP Conference during mid-October, consisting of a Workshop on Monday, and the main Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday. The conference includes exhibits of DP related systems and equipment. Go to the DP Committee Website for the program and registration information, as well as information about additional DP Committee activities.

To learn more about the Dynamic Positioning Committee, contact Pete Fougere.

Manned Underwater Vehicles (MUV)

The mission of the Manned Underwater Vehicles Professional Committee is to: promote the development and use of manned underwater vehicles in commercial and scientific activity; disseminate technical knowledge-based resources for the community; and to cooperate with other professional and technical societies and government rule-making agencies to promote simplicity, reliability and safety in the, design, development, manufacture and use of manned submersibles and related underwater equipment and to do so without inhibiting innovation and creativity. Get involved with the MUV Committee at the Underwater Intervention Conference, February 4-6, 2020.

To learn more about the Manned Underwater Vehicles Committee, contact William Kohnen.

Marine Education

The Marine Education Committee reviews scholarship applications, assist with the Student Poster Competition at the OCEANS Conference, organizes K-12 Workshops and other education sessions at the OCEANS Conference, and generally oversees the MTS education program.

To learn more about the Marine Education Committee, contact Ed Bailey.

Marine Materials

The mission of the Marine Materials Committee is to address the development of new materials, processes, materials protection, characterization, and testing procedures for marine applications.

To learn more about the Marine Materials Committee, contact Dr. R. Venkatesan.

Marine Mineral Resources

The mission of the Marine Mineral Resources Committee is to be the principal contact, educator, and disseminator of information in the global field of marine minerals, covering research, development plans, and policy. In 2019-2020, the Committee will be establishing an online community and social media platforms to better engage interested professionals and academics.

To learn more about the Marine Mineral Resources Committee, contact Alex Barnard.

Maritime Cyber Security & Infrastructure

With cybersecurity affecting so many areas of business and military operations, this committee will serve professional interests across many levels of expertise and specialty areas. As with the Marine Security Committee, the approach will be interdisciplinary and systems-oriented. The committee’s goal is to be the one-stop-shop for maritime cybersecurity and infrastructure – exchange of information, training resources, awareness of cyber risks, best practices and pointers on where to go next, through technical sessions, workshops, publications and collaborative work with other interested parties. The committee hosts several webinars throughout the year and will present at this year’s DP Conference in October.

To learn more about the Maritime Cyber Security and Infrastructure Committee, contact Dan Turissini.

Ocean Pollution

The mission of the Ocean Pollution Committee is to provide a forum for the discussion, interchange and publication of information and technologies involved in the identification, monitoring, treatment and remediation of ocean pollution sources.

To learn more about the Ocean Pollution Committee, contact Ryan Morton.

Oceanographic Instrumentation

The mission of the Oceanographic Instrumentation Committee is to work toward the advancement of ocean technologies, inform members and the community of emerging technologies, and to provide outreach opportunities for presenting new and innovative instrumentation products and ideas to the marine technology world. The Committee will continue to encourage oceanographic instrumentation workshops and special sessions at OCEANS conferences based on local need.

To learn more about the Oceanographic Instrumentation Committee, contact Carol Janzen.

Offshore Structures & Seafloor Engineering

The mission of the Offshore Structures Committee is to provide an open technical forum for such issues as structural safety and public policy relating to fixed and floating offshore structures; to organize sessions and encourage attendance by the offshore contingent at MTS meetings beyond Houston; and to be an MTS point of contact for OTC, COPRI, SNAME, etc., whose more specialized conferences and meetings would cover the detailed technical issues. Join us at OTC 2020 in May.

To learn more about the Offshore Structures & Seafloor Engineering Committee, contact Vul Thang.

Physical Oceanography & Meteorology

The mission of the Physical Oceanography/Meteorology Committee is to address specialized topics in physical oceanography and marine meteorology of current importance to the marine community. Join our Committee and the Gulf Coast Section for the Oceans in Action event November 4-6, 2019 in Gulfport, Mississippi.

To learn more about the Physical Oceanography & Meteorology Committee, contact Travis Miles.

Remote Sensing

The mission of the Remote Sensing Committee is to promote new technologies that collect and analyze data from a variety of sources, including underwater, surface, and air; to promote the application of remote sensing to a variety of fields, including coastal applications, ocean applications, hazard assessment, natural resource management, and other applications. The Remote Sensing Committee is looking for more active committee members to plan activities in 2019-2020.

To learn more about the Remote Sensing Committee, contact Ryan Vandermeulen.

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

The purpose of the ROV Committee is to promote the interchange of technical information among industrial, academic, defense and other organizations on an international basis in the areas of ROVs, undersea robotics and artificial intelligence; to provide speakers to academic institutions, to increase the participation of students in the society and areas of ROV and undersea technology; and to produce technical publications related to ROV technology. Visit the ROV Website: http://www.rov.org/.  In 2019-2020, we will serve as a co-sponsor of the Underwater Intervention Conference, sponsor the 2020 MATE Competition, and award several scholarships

To learn more about the Remotely Operated Vehicles Committee, contact Chuck Richards.

Renewable Energy

The oceans represent a vast and under-tapped source of energy in the form of surface waves, fluid flow, salinity gradients, offshore wind technology, and thermal energy. The Renewable Energy Committee seeks to promote the exchange of technical information and innovation among industrial, academic, and government partners to expand the production of ocean renewables. The Renewable Energy Committee is looking for more active committee members to plan activities in 2019-2020.

To learn more about the Renewable Energy Committee, contact Cliff Merz.

Ropes & Tension

The mission of the MTS Ropes and Tension Members Committee is to provide a forum for the discussion, interchange and publication of information on load-carrying tension members, such as synthetic and natural fiber ropes, wire ropes, chains, pultrusions, tension legs and associated connections and terminations. Primary emphasis will be on the use of these elements in the marine environment, but interest will not be limited to this field and will extend to other fields in construction, aerospace, rescue and recreation. The Ropes & Tension Committee is looking for more active committee members to plan activities in 2019-2020.

To learn more about the Ropes & Tension Committee, contact Christopher Lindanger.

Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS) formerly UUV

The mission of the MTS Unmanned Untethered Vehicles Committee is to provide our diverse membership, which crosses academia, industry and government, with a common forum for professional interaction. This will facilitate technical exchange, personal networking and business development. Our core value is the common aim to further the development and utilization of unmanned untethered vehicles. Participate in our upcoming workshop at OCEANS Seattle.

To learn more about the Unmanned Maritime Systems Committee, contact Andrew Ziegwied.

Bioinspired Marine Systems

The mission of the Bioinspired Marine Systems committee is to promote research and use of marine technologies which mirror the motion patterns of organisms. The Bioinspired Marine Systems Committee is looking for more active committee members to plan activities in 2019-2020.

To learn more about the Bioinspired Marine Systems Committee, contact Jason Geder.

Committees on Hiatus in 2020

MTS is delighted to engage in and support the growth of our Professional Committees. Note that some committees will be on hiatus in 2020, including:

  1. Arctic Technology
  2. Cables & Connectors
  3. Marine Archaeology
  4. Marine Geodetic Information Systems
  5. Marine Law & Policy
  6. Moorings
  7. Ocean Economic Potential
  8. Ocean Exploration
  9. Ocean Observing Systems (OOS)
  10. Underwater Imaging

If you are interested in reigniting interest in one of our committees, please contact Monica Ostrander to discuss the next steps.

Calendar of Events

Take advantage of all your MTS membership has to offer by engaging with Professional Committees and Local Sections.


Underwater Intervention, February 4-6, 2020, New Orleans, LA


OTC Asia, March 24-27, 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


2020 Buoy Workshop, April 13-16, 2020, Wilmington, NC
OCEANS 2020 Singapore, April 6-9, 2020, Singapore


Offshore Technology Conference, May 4-7, 2020, Houston, TX


2020 MATE Competition


Oceaneering/MTS Symposium, September 12, 2019, Maryland


Dynamic Positioning, October 14-16, 2019, Houston, TX
OCEANS 2019 Seattle, October 27-31, 2019, Seattle, WA


Oceans in Action, November 4-6, 2019 in Gulfport, Mississippi

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