Board Candidate – John Potter

Vice President, Education

About John

John Potter, PhD, MTS Fellow, is an internationally recognized marine scientist with more than 35 years’ experience in maritime science and technology development, mostly in academia, spanning Europe, USA and Asia.

An active member of both MTS and OES and a Fellow of the IEEE, he takes particular interest in the ‘OCEANS’ series of conferences and exhibitions, co-chairing OCEANS Asia and serving on the organizing committee for OCEANS Genova. He has contributed many articles to the MTS Journal and is an Associate Editor of JOE.

John has organized over 10 international academic conferences and workshops, including events for both MTS and IEEE OES, and has served as an elected volunteer for many years on the Administrative Committee, in addition to several ad-hoc committees, with a focus on education and mentoring young scientists.  John initiated the first students AUV/ROV competition in Singapore as part of OCEANS 2006.

John has a strong interest in addressing global issues of science and technology education, particularly STEM, and breaking down barriers against minorities.  His academic research is focused on responsible and sustainable resource exploitation, supply and security, environmental protection and remediation through the effective commercialization and application of science and technology. 

John has planned and executed many innovative educational and research expeditions, including a 13-month sailing expedition to circumnavigate the Indian Ocean, conducting marine research projects, outreach projects with local communities and supporting eight schools with a dedicated marine-based curriculum for the year.  John has lived on board his yacht with his family for many years, sailing over 40,000 n.m. in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans and is currently on a major transit from Tonga to Singapore (5000 n.m.)  John is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, motorcyclist and pilot (gliders and gyrocopters) and is an International Fellow of the Explorer’s Club.

MTS and Association Experience

John has been an active member of MTS for 5 years, and has contributed extensively to the success of the OCEANS conference and exhibition series, jointly sponsored by MTS and OES, the most recent being OCEANS Genova in 2015, in which he played a key role in liaising between MTS and the local organizing committee.  John has also contributed several articles to the MTS Journal and was a 2018 presidential candidate.

In addition to MTS, John has volunteered for the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society for over 20 years, serving three terms as an elected member of the Administrative Committee and on numerous ad-hoc committees and in other capacities.  John has been a volunteer Associate Editor for the Journal of Oceanic Engineering for 15 years.  In addition, John has volunteered as an instructor and trainer for PADI and the Reef Check Foundation, both educating divers (including children) about the ocean environment and diving, and volunteering in support of coral reef surveys.

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