Vice President, Communications – Liesl Hotaling

About Liesl

As founder and president of Eidos Education, I specialize in real time data education projects and hands-on STEM educational projects supporting environmental observing networks and serve as the Manager of the Student Enabled Network of Sensors for the Environment using Innovative Technology (SENSE IT). In addition to these activities, I also work with scientists and early career investigators to better communicate their research to policy makers and non-expert audiences. I hold a B.S. in Marine Science, a M.A.T. in Science Teaching, and a M.S. in Maritime Systems (ocean engineering).

In addition to my service to MTS, I recently completed a three year term on the P-12 Education Board for the American Society for Engineering Education, during which I also served as the P-12 Program Chair for the 2017 ASEE Annual Conference. As Program Chair (analogous to the Technical Program Chair of an OCEANS conference), I recruited reviewers, handled the abstract, review phase and final paper organization into 22 oral sessions and one poster session as well as handled a keynote session and collaborated with other Sections within ASEE to deliver several events within the conference program. I also served as the chair of the Policy and Education Technical Committee for the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society for 6 years.

MTS and Association Experience

Soon after joining MTS in 2006, I began service as an OCEANS Session Moderator, joined the MTS Education Committee, and began reviewing abstracts for OCEANS conferences beginning in 2007.

I presented during the inaugural OCEANS K-12 Workshop in 2009, helped to co-organize the workshop from 2010 – 2012 and since then led the organization and presented a session during every OCEANS K-12 Workshop to date.

I served as the Marine Technology Society’s Vice President for Education from 2014 – 2019. During that time I also served on the JOAB and participated in three revisions of the OCOP manual. I created the Marine Technology Camp program in which MTS partners with two institutions to host one week “camps” for undergraduates. The goal of the camp program is to offer students an opportunity to use various marine technologies that they might not have access to as undergraduate students.

I “renovated” the MTS Scholarship program, updating and streamlining the application process, creating an evaluation rubric for the reviewers and leading the entire scholarship program in 2018. During my tenure as a VP, I started a Mentorship and Internship program for MTS, worked with the Navy on their Task Force Ocean initiative, and routinely collaborated with the Consortium of Ocean Leadership on a number of activities.

In October 2019, I was asked to serve a one year term as the Marine Technology Society’s Vice President for Communication and am seeking the opportunity to continue with initiatives started during the past year.

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