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This is a developing area of technology as drilling and production for oil and gas goes into deeper waters (e.g., 10,000-foot depth) and is not presently serviced by other society efforts. It is a broad area suitable for support by a number of disciplines as is the characteristic of MTS, rather than the more limited scope of some of other societies. Participation in this area should engage a number of the present members of MTS as well as encourage new membership.


The mission of the Deepwater Field Development Technology Committee is to provide a forum for the dissemination of information regarding the deepwater field development technology, including but not limited to packaging technical sessions, organizing workshops, providing mechanisms for recognizing technical excellence in the area, sponsoring industry-related activities, sponsoring high school or college competitions, and maintaining a Web page.



Benton Baugh
Baugh Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Benton Baugh has over 46 years of oilfield machine design, manufacturing, management, consulting and expert witness experience at all levels, from junior draftsman to general management. Baugh is owner/operator of Baugh Consulting Engineers, Inc., doing general consulting engineering services for the oil industry and new product development.

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