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Marine Archaeology

The mission of the Marine Archaeology Committee is to promote an open forum to disclose the location of shipwrecks encountered during the course of commercial activities and to foster increased cooperation among oceanographic/marine professionals and academic/government archaeologists, historians and oceanographers; to discuss issues related to preservation/conservation and exploration; to discuss technological hurdles related to the search for and mapping and recovery of artifacts/shipwrecks from the sea, and to aid in the development and application of new technologies to archaeological research; to foster popular media interest in marine archaeology and technology; and to involve and educate K-12 students in and about our common maritime heritage and how it is represented on the sea floor as archaeological sites.


Chair:  Dr. Stephen Wood
Marine and Environmental Systems, Florida Institute of Technology

Vice Chair:  James “Steve” Schmidt
R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc.

Secretary/Treasurer:  Sean Kery
CSC Advanced Marine Center

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