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The mission of the Marine Security Committee is to effectively integrating technology and techniques to satisfy the increasing global need for Marine Security.

Marine/maritime security is one of the greatest homeland security challenges facing the United States. The U.S. has 361 commercial ports, numerous public and private ferry systems, and critical infrastructure located on waterways, ports and harbors, all subject to threats from waterborne attack and from natural hazards. The Marine Technology Society, through the Marine Security Committee, can make important contributions to providing solutions to these challenges by bringing the innovative systems approach inherent to working in the marine environment to the marine security arena. By fostering and encouraging interdisciplinary, all-threats/all-hazards methodologies, MTS can help enhance the security of our marine and maritime infrastructure and assets.


Dallas Meggitt
Technical Director
Sound and Sea Technology

Dallas Meggitt has over 35 years of management and professional technical experience in ocean engineering, emphasizing maritime security systems, undersea surveillance, port and harbor security, anti- and counter-terrorism, undersea cable installation and inspection, undersea ranges and technical management. His project experience includes installation planning for overseas port and harbor security systems, planning and management of domestic harbor security installations, and anti- and counter terrorism projects. He has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering and a master’s in environmental engineering science, all from the California Institute of Technology. He has worked for the Navy in the Ocean Facilities Program and for industry in ocean engineering and marine security.

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