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The mission of the Moorings Committee is an extension of the society’s own mission to disseminate technical knowledge specifically in the field of marine moorings and to promote and support communications among scientists, engineers and technicians to share and benefit from this knowledge. The goal of the committee is to position it as the leading resource for obtaining information relating to all aspects of mooring design, application and new developments by the entire marine industry.


U.H. (Jack) Rowley

Jack Rowley is an experienced and accomplished senior ocean engineer with SAIC. He is a retired U.S. Navy engineering duty officer with over 30 years experience in both U.S. Navy and commercial ocean and marine engineering applications. Rowley’s engineering technical expertise and management includes buoy design, ship and watercraft design, marine automation, control systems integration and life-cycle engineering support. He has been closely involved with the Deep Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis (DART®) and the SAIC Tsunami Buoy programs for the past five years and has also been involved in the detail design of several recent “new concept” buoy projects.

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