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The mission of the Ocean Pollution Committee is to provide a forum for the discussion, interchange and publication of information and technologies involved in the identification, monitoring, treatment and remediation of ocean pollution sources.

The committee’s emphasis will be on the identification of sources, effects and impacts of pollution on the marine environment. The objective of the Committee will be to bring together industry, academia, NGO and governmental agency participants to help bring about a better understanding of the various types and sources of ocean pollution and best management practices for dealing with them. MTS is uniquely positioned to address this issue through its maritime industry leadership role and technological focus.

 The Committee shall identify industry stakeholders and participants in a broad range of marine sector activities:
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Marine Biology
  • Coastal Ecology
  • Urban Planning
  • Environmental Testing
  • Offshore Petroleum
  • Water and Wastewater Technology
  • Ballast Water Group
  • Ocean Atmospheric Interface
  • Naval Operations
Our focus should reflect the interests of our members, our  nation and our global ocean community to help identify risks and best management practices to mitigate ocean pollution to help preserve the health and biodiversity of our ocean resources.
Committee Goals:
  • Target key pollution areas: ad hoc committees where appropriate.
  • Non-point source pollution (from coastal communities) dead zones
  • Non-point source pollution atmospheric
  • Global warming
  • Oil and energy related risks
  • Ballast water
  • Ocean dumping
  • Fisheries by-catch
  • Ocean acoustic/sonar impacts


Ryan Morton
Anadarko Petroleum

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