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The mission of the Offshore Structures Committee is to provide an open technical forum for such issues as structural safety and public policy relating to fixed and floating offshore structures. To organize sessions and encourage attendance by the offshore contingent at MTS meetings beyond Houston. To be an MTS point of contact for OTC, COPRI, SNAME, etc., whose more specialized conferences and meetings would cover the detailed technical issues.


Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall has a bachelor of science and a master of science in civil engineering, and a Ph.D. in structures (Kumamoto, Japan). He has 32 years of experiences designing offshore platforms for Shell: head of development section, E&P Deepwater Civil & Marine; developed and applied technology for several water-depth records; led initial design team for Bullwinkle, deepest fixed-base platform. He was professor, chair of Marine Design and Construction, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England 1993-1996. He has an extensive publications list, including Design of Welded Tubular Structures, Elsevier, Amsterdam 1992; three chapters in McClelland’s book on Fixed Offshore Platforms IIW 1984;  Houdremont Lecture: Welded Tubular Structures; Risk Factors for Offshore Platforms, ASCE STJ 12/69, Alfred Noble Prize.

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