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The mission of the Physical Oceanography/Meteorology Committee is to address specialized topics in physical oceanography and marine meteorology of current importance to the marine community.

Past Event: Oceans in Action Workshop


Richard Crout
Naval Research Laboratory

Dr. Crout is Head of the Ocean Science Branch of the Naval Research Laboratory’s Oceanography Division at Stennis Space Center, MS, where he supervises scientists who are investigating the oceanography of the Bay of Bengal, Gulf of Alaska, and Flower Garden Bank; deriving relationships between satellite and airborne data and ocean features; and developing bio-optical models to study ecosystems and their impact on the upper ocean.  His primary interests are in Coastal, Satellite, and Operational Oceanography.  He has recently been investigating MODIS, VIIRS, and GOCI ocean color data and comparing that information with in situ observations from fixed and mobile platforms.  He has experience with oceanographic and meteorological sensors on buoys, drifters, profiling gliders, wave gliders, and fixed platforms and used satellite borne microwave and infrared sensors to infer the evolution of the Gulf Stream and Kuroshio Western Boundary Currents over time.  He participated in the Deepwater Horizon aftermath as a member of the Subsurface Monitoring Unit at the United Area Command in New Orleans, where he developed plans to sample deep oil dispersion and advection and planned and oversaw adaptive sampling by a fleet of ocean going vessels.  He has participated in a cruise to the Tropical Atmosphere Ocean (TAO) array to service buoys and completed a comparison of obsolescent sensors and commercial off-the-shelf sensors for a refresh of the TAO array.

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