Buoy Technology Professional Committee

Overview of the Committee

Buoy technology systems covered are for oceanographic, ocean engineering, and navigational usage. Major components of buoy technology include: 

  • 11th ONR/MTS Buoy Workshop 2016 Website
  • Realistic numerical modeling of moored buoy systems to determine static and dynamic forcing by sea state, ocean currents, and wind drag;
  • The engineering understanding to develop mechanically survivable mooring components, buoy platforms and buoy systems;
  • The engineering understanding to accommodate electrical and optical conductors into mooring systems to enable buoy observatory systems;
  • Focused laboratory and at-sea testing of critical buoy components and systems to improve reliability.

The technical areas of interest of the Buoy Committee overlap partially with technologies addressed by the MTS Moorings, MTS Ropes and Tension Members, and MTS Underwater Cable and Connectors committees.


The mission of the Buoy Technology Committee is to foster the technology and experience exchange in the highly specialized field of buoy systems that can endure in the challenging and fatiguing ocean environment.  To facilitate this exchange, the Buoy Committee has taken responsibility for:

  • Holding Buoy Technology Sessions at the annual OCEANS conferences;
  • Organizing a two-and-a-half-day ONR/MTS Buoy Workshop every even-year at or near a site where active buoy technology development or testing is performed. 

Committee Chairs 

Rick Cole
Acting Chair - MTS Buoy Committee
RDSEA International, Inc.





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