Underwater Imaging Professional Committee

Message From the Chair

During his term as Underwater Imaging chair for MTS, Dr Dalgleish aims to accomplish two things. First, he will invite representatives from within industry, government and academia to identify areas of common interest that could lead to operationally or commercially viable technologies. With the firm belief that successful innovation means ending up with a useful product or technology, Dr. Dalgleish intends to engage all interested parties to envision future technologies and the potential markets that could be served.

Secondly, Dr. Dalgleish would like to encourage problem-solving dialogues. Expect to see announcements and plan to attend workshops aimed at advancing communitywide understanding of performance issues with available underwater imaging hardware and effective use of simulation design tools. Suggestions for additional topics are encouraged.

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Underwater Imaging Committee is to provide a professional forum for all persons interested in the field of underwater imaging to encourage exchange of data and ideas to further the state-of-the-art and technology, as well as to foster the international dissemination of knowledge in these fields of endeavors.

  • Increase member involvement and non-member interest by holding meetings (a minimum of one annual meeting) at MTS conferences.
  • Publish current state-of-technology articles, reports or journal papers.
  • Post committee activities and events on the committee Web site and/or MTS Currents newsletter.
  • Provide an opportunity for student involvement, mentoring and leadership.
  • Make presentations to schools, community groups and the media.
  • Increase industry's role and involvement through a Web site news and industry contribution page.
  • Organize technical sessions at the annual Oceans conference along with technical programs, focus sessions or workshops.
  • Form strategic alliances with other professional committees (within and outside of MTS) to increase synergy in our technical field.

Committee Chair

Dr. Fraser Dalgleish

Fraser Dalgleish, Ph.D., is assistant research professor and director of the Ocean Visibility and Optics Laboratory at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University. His research interests are in underwater laser imaging and communications systems, in particular experimental validation support for simulation model development, laser imaging payload development for unmanned underwater vehicles, sensor networks for seabed monitoring and enabling technologies for effective multiple platform underwater sensing and imaging. Dr. Dalgleish holds a doctorate and masters in Ocean Engineering from Cranfield University (U.K.) and a bachelor’s in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh.



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