Ocean Observing Systems Professional Committee


The Ocean Observing System Committee will provide the ocean community with a unique collaborative environment for exhanging information and advancing knowledge to further the state-of-the-art and technology, as well as to foster the global dissemination of knowledge in this field of endeavor. 

MTS Ocean Observing Systems Committee Annual Updates ... and Editorials

The MTS Ocean Observing Systems Committee publishes an Annual Update in Ocean News & Technology magazine. Click here to access the 9-year historical compilation of updates along with several editorials by MTS leaders.

Kocak-Editorial-2013 OSS_2009-Update Toll-Editorial-2014
Kocak-Editorial-2015 OSS_2010-Update  
Kocak-Editorial-2017 OOS_2011-Update  
  OOS_2016-Pt 1-Update  
  OOS_2016-Pt 2-Update  


Committee Chairs


Chair: Ian Walsh
Director of Science
WET Labs

Co-Chair: Donna Kocak
MTS President


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