Newfoundland and Labrador Section

MTS Sections host luncheons and events that give their members an opportunity to meet with people in their region. For information on activities, please contact the leadership listed below.


 The province is a prime location for an MTS section. The provincial government recently released a formal strategy for significant investment in the development of ocean technology. The newly established Newfoundland and Labrador Research and Development Corporation announced that its primary research-and-development thrusts would be on energy and ocean technology. Canada located the National Research Council’s Institute for Ocean Technology, also an MTS member, as its primary research capacity in St. John’s. Memorial University, the largest university in the Atlantic Provinces focuses a major portion of its R&D activity on the oceans. Within the university, the Marine Institute, an MTS member, is entirely committed to ocean-centric academic programs and applied research and development. Recently, the Marine Institute launched the School of Ocean Technology that is now active in ocean instrumentation, ocean mapping, underwater vehicles and ocean observing systems. The Institute also delivers an annual Ocean Innovation conference and publishes the Journal of Ocean Technology quarterly.


Chair- Darrell O’Neill, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Innovation Business and Rural Development

Vice Chair- Cathy Hogan, Oceans Advance

Secretary- Marcel Montrose, Fleetway

Treasurer- Shelley Petten, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Innovation Business and Rural Development

Councillor- Stephen Green, Provincial Aerospace Ltd.


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