Hampton Roads Section

One of the newer society sections, MTS Hampton Roads was formed in 2005 after Dr. Larry Atkinson, Ray Toll, and Mark Bushnell agreed with MTS Headquarters to start a section that could capitalize on the recognized potential of the Hampton Roads region, with its large concentration and variety of maritime interests. Initial membership of 15 has since grown to more than 50, representing NOAA, Navy, Coast Guard, academic, shipping, and maritime business-related activities.  For information on activities, please contact Section's leadership or visit the Hampton Roads Section's website as listed below.

Go to the Hampton Roads Section website.


The section has an e-mail listserve. To mail all Hampton Roads Section members, please use the address HRV@mtsociety.org. If you get a "rejected" message, please check the e-mail address in your MTS profile. (Look for the My Profile link in the orange band after you log in to this website.) You can only use the e-mail address that the MTS office has on file for you.


Chair: James "Jim" Haluska
Old Dominion University

Vice-Chair: Jim Brunelle
ITT Corporation, Under Sea Systems

Secretary: Tom Bosse
Northrop Grumman

Treasurer: Mark Bushnell

Membership: Dr. Larry Atkinson


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