Puget Sound Section

MTS Sections host luncheons and events that give their members an opportunity to meet with people in their region. For information on activities, please contact the leadership listed below.

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Chair: Fritz Stahr 
University of Washington, Seaglider Fabrication Center, Seattle, Wash.
(206) 543-7886

Vice Chair: Mike Einhorn

Einhorn Engineering, PLLC
(206) 985-6865

Treasurer: Karl Kunkle
University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.
(206) 221-6710

Secretary - Carol Coomes

Evans Hamilton, Seattle, Wash.
(206) 369-1911 

Advisor (Executive Committee member at-large): Kirk O'Donnell
University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.
(206) 543-0215


Greetings Puget Sound Section MTS Members,

Welcome to FY2016, our 32nd as an MTS section - I hope this finds you all well and still enjoying work in the marine technology field.

I’d like to introduce our new Section Secretary, Kim Page. She kindly volunteered to take Carol’s place, and is now official via the official election process we just completed. Carol isn’t leaving the section entirely but is now officially retired from professional duties and will be taking a well deserved break from Secretary duties which she’s been doing for the majority of our Section’s history. Welcome Kim and thank you Carol!

We have some new ideas for meetings this year, including more field trips. Our first meeting date will be Thursday October 29th so mark your calendar. We’ll be touring the new R/V Neil Armstrong (WHOI) in the shipyard in Anacortes in the late afternoon with dinner in Anacortes to follow. See email from Kim for more details. Other meeting dates include: Nov 19, Jan 21, Feb 19, Mar 24, Apr 21, and May 19 if you’d like to mark your calendars now. If you have field trip or other meeting ideas, please send them along.

In case you haven’t been in a while, we’ve flipped our usual order of events at meetings and now have our guest speaker before dinner. But a new idea is to provide companies 10 minutes of presentation time during dinner to describe themselves and products/services available. This is your chance to shine a spotlight on your company and what cool things you’re doing so please sign up with Mike Einhorn, our Section Vice-chair (mike@einhornengineering.com). We’ll work out a schedule that’s mutually agreeable to all.

In the world of student ROV competitions, we have something to be quite proud of: the winner of our MATE Pacific Northwest Regional Challenge in May went on to win the MATE International Contest in St. John’s Newfoundland in June - congratulations to AMNO & CO! It was very impressive to watch this team of just 3 students beat 30 other teams from ~10 countries, some of which were far larger in number. The team entering the upper-division (Explorer Class) this year and I expect they’ll give all those college teams a serious run for top honors.

Lastly, I would like to note that we are going to host the MTS/IEEE-OES OCEANS’19 fall conference to Seattle in four years. If you are interested in joining our Local Organizing Committee please let me know (stahr@uw.edu). Our first official meeting will be Jan 27, 2016.

Thanks all and I hope to see you at our meetings or ROV Challenge this year.


Fritz Stahr

Chair, Puget Sound Section MTS


May 18, 2017 - University of Washington Student Section Mixer

Spring Mixer Invitation


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