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NOC Begins Global Project to Map Ocean Floor by 2030

The Nippon Foundation last week announced that the Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 project is now under way. Seabed 2030 aims to map the entirety of the ocean floor by 2030. It will compile all available and newly collected bathymetric data into a single high-quality, high-resolution digital model of the ocean floor and promote international collaborative efforts to collect new data. The project was announced by the chairman of the Nippon Foundation at the UN Ocean Conference on SDG-14 last year. Read More.

NASA Considering Mission to Explore Ocean on Saturn's Moon

After recently discovering what is thought to be the largest body of water on Saturn's Titan moon, NASA is considering options to send an autonomous submarine under the surface of Titan's Kraken Mare Ocean. The plan to carry out detailed scientific investigations under the ocean, would provide unprecedented knowledge of an extraterrestrial sea and expand NASA’s existing capabilities in planetary exploration to include nautical operations. Read More.

Advances in Underwater Laser Mapping Pave The Way for New Opportunities

Subsea technology companies Newton Research Labs Inc. and Sonardyne International Ltd, UK. have completed tests to integrate Newton Labs’ underwater laser scanners with Sonardyne’s acoustically-aided inertial navigation system for underwater vehicles, SPRINT-Mapper. The companies say the milestone paves the way for greater adoption by industry of mobile laser mapping technology to survey seafloor sites and subsea structures, and eliminates many of the challenges currently faced by users when attempting to configure advanced sensor technologies from different vendors prior to mobilizing equipment offshore. Read More.

Society News

MTS Announces Dates for 2018 Summer Camp Program

For the third consecutive summer MTS will offer a week-long, hands-on experience as part of our summer camp program for undergraduate students. The Marine Technology Camps, offer students with little to no experience, the chance to deploy the equipment to gather data applied to various investigations.  Camps will be hosted May 20-25 at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, MI and June 3-8 at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.  For more information on each camp please click on the following links: NMC Camp and Rutgers University Camp.

TechSurge Highlighting Advances in Oil Spill Research

The Marine Technology Society partnered with the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) to conduct a TechSurge focused on advances in oil spill technologies and research following the Deepwater Horizon event in the Gulf of Mexico. The TechSurge event occurred on February 5, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana in advance of the Underwater Intervention conference.The TechSurge included four panels focused on different aspects of marine oil spills: Modeling and Predication, Technology for Detection, Mitigation, and Ecosystem Health. Each panel featured a mixture of GoMRI and MTS community members and other leaders in oil spill science.In addition to providing a forum for the GoMRI and MTS communities to share their work and discuss opportunities for collaboration and development, the collaboration will continue with a special issue of the MTS Journal highlighting these technological advances. Manuscripts are due on June 20th, 2018 and the journal will be released in December 2018. For more information about the MTS Journal, please visit the Call for Papers here, and for more information about GoMRI, please  listen to archived episodes of the MTS/GoMRI webinar series, or register for future episodes here and here

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