Journal Subscriptions

Members: An online subscription to the MTS Journal is a benefit of individual membership in the Marine Technology Society.  Print copies can be purchased individually or you can subscribe to the print version of the Journal. 

Institutions:  The MTS Journal is available to institutional subscribers in both print and online formats. Subscription prices are:

  • Online only (including15 years archived online Journal issues): US$465
  • Online with print: (including 14 years archived online Journal issues) US$499
  • Print only within the USA: US$232.50; Canada: US$262.50 ;International: US$375.00 (Includes shipping.

To subscribe to the Journal email Or order single back issues by fax.

Back Issues

Purchase back copies of the Journal, if available, with a credit card from our Store, or print and mail, or fax, an order form.

Claim Policy

Domestic Claims: Missing journal claims must be made within three (3) months of the issue date and can only apply once a year. Second and subsequent claims for missing journals beyond claim periods will incur the full cost of the missing issue, including postage.

International Claims: Due to unreliable delivery and the high cost of postage, Journal issues for international subscribers. The replacement cost is $135 per issue or $116 online through IngentaConnect The agent is responsible for paying all shipping costs, duties, and/or taxes, We strongly recommend that all international subscribers strongly consider moving to our online version and archives of the MTS Journal.

Claims filed due to insufficient (or no notice) of change of address will not be honored.

Consolidated Order Claims: missed-issue claims will not be accepted for bulk orders delivered to an agent’s consolidated shipping address.

Send claims to only, no paper claims.

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