Marine Industry Mentoring Program (MIMP)


MTS Now Recruiting Mentors for New Mentoring Program

You have amassed important experience and knowledge that, if shared, can help shape the careers of the next generation. To facilitate this, we are introducing the Marine Industry Mentoring Program (MIMP) and we are now looking for MTS members (like you) to get on board as mentors prior to the program launch date, May 1st, 2017 at OTC in Houston. This exciting new program will connect early-career MTS members with more seasoned and experienced members in order to exchange career guidance, industry and subject-matter knowledge, and the potential for collaboration on projects.

Prospective mentees will be matched with mentors via an online platform based on their mentoring needs and areas of interest. Once connected, mentors and mentees will agree to an Action Plan, which will layout the expectations and objectives of each and help them to stay on track. While this is primarily an online program, participants may choose to meet in person, either regularly or perhaps at an MTS event.

The MIMP is a great opportunity to engage and inspire the next generation of marine scientists and technologists. Mentors will receive a tremendous sense of fulfillment by giving back to the community in a meaningful way and furthering the careers of professionals new to the maritime field.  For those mentors still in the workforce, some employers encourage and acknowledge mentoring as a career enhancing endeavor.  Retired MTS members are of course also eligible to serve as mentors.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please download and complete the Mentor Application Form and email it, along with your CV or résumé, to, by Friday, April 14th. To fill out the form, please save onto your desktop, then open and complete it from there. If you fill out the form in your web browser, your work will not save.

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone who you feel might be interested in becoming a mentor. To learn more about the MIMP, please contact Dr. Andy Clark, VP of Research, Industry, and Technology, or Marcel Angles, Director of Programs.

Dr. Andy Clark
VP of Research, Industry, and Technology
Marcel Angles
Director of Programs

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