MTS Leadership Toolbox

The MTS professional committee and section leadership should use these documents to accomplish duties and tasks in compliance with MTS Bylaws.

For Leadership Use

Overview of MTS
Use this PowerPoint presentation to, for example, make a presentation about MTS at a local event or to run as information before your section luncheons. Feel free to make changes to adapt the presentation to better fit your committee or section. If you have questions about how the PowerPoint was created, contact Josh Cohen (202) 717-8705 ext 104. To access this page, you must sign in as a member, using your last name as a username and your MTS member ID as a password. Click here is you don’t know your member ID.

PowerPoint Presentation (MTS Overview)
MTS Committees Overview

Budget Worksheet sample
Use this worksheet as an example to put together a budget of estimated expenses and income for the new fiscal year. The worksheet is due by January 1 each year. If your committee or section is not planning to submit a budget, please contact Monica Ostrander,
Committee or Section Budget Worksheet FY 2019 (sample)

MTS Logos and Style Guide
Need an MTS logo for your website, workshop program, publication or signage? Refer to the
MTS Logos and Style Guide.

TechSurge Workshops
The ongoing MTS TechSurge programs feature hot-topic workshops that move knowledge forward. TechSurge began in 2009 with the Marine Technology for Offshore Wind Power Workshop, and continued in 2010 with Ocean Observing: Thinking Outside the Basin. The idea behind TechSurge is to offer workshops where the planning and logistics are provided by the MTS home office, leaving the committee and section leadership to focus on the technical program. View programs of past TechSurge workshops.

Do you have an idea for a TechSurge workshop? Download the
TechSurge Proposal Form and TechSurge Sample Budget worksheet.

Workshop Guidelines (not a TechSurge workshop)
Interested in hosting your own workshop? Here are some guidelines developed by MTS volunteers who have run past workshops for their committees or sections.
Guidelines for Planning and Conducting an MTS Workshop

Bylaws and Policies – Includes financial operating policy, as well as other helpful documents.

Guidelines and Forms 

Committees – Professional Committees Guidelines and Forms

Sections – MTS Local Sections Operational Guidelines

How to Start and Sustain a Summer Internship Program for High School Students

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