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9/9/2011 12:00:00 AM

 September 9, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Dear Members:
(September 9, 2011 Washington, DC) As you know from recent newscasts, the East Coast of the United States has experienced several natural events that were disastrous, or held the potential for disaster, for many communities. An earthquake, unusual for our region, followed by Hurricane Irene, followed almost on its heels by still more devastating flooding from Tropical Storm Lee, has impacted significantly on many of our communities.
MTS expresses its sympathy for all affected by these events, both to its members in the involved areas, as well as to the hundreds of thousands who live and work in these communities. We were very fortunate at our headquarters’ office, in that we experienced minimal damaged, especially compared to others in the Washington D.C. area. Please be aware, however, that for a few days only, communications from headquarters might be slowed, as many of our staff experienced either flooding in their own areas or faced numerous closed roads as they attempted to come to the office.
While our Society’s mission reflects marine technology, (that is, to advance and develop tools and procedures required to explore, study, and further the responsible and sustainable use of oceans), these events remind us of a broader obligation we have to explore the adaptation of our technologies to a wider audience, particularly those currently used in rugged and wet environments such as communications and rescue. This is a topic that will be taken up by several of our professional technical committees. We welcome your involvement in this process as well.
We look forward to forums to review and discuss how marine technology can assist communities during periods of natural disaster. We extend our hopes and wishes for the safety and well being of all living and working in these areas impacted by these events.
You may contact Rich Lawson directly at rich.lawson or Jerry Boatman at
MTS President

MTS Executive Director

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