Marine Technology Society News

MTS Awards

9/21/2011 12:00:00 AM

 At its Annual Meeting held at OCEANS’11 MTS/IEEE Kona in Hawaii, MTS announced the honors and recognitions it awarded for 2011. Special thanks goes to Compass Publications, Lockheed Martin and Ocean News and Technology for their sponsorships of several awards. Benton F. Baugh and Peter Fougere, both of Houston, Texas, and Brock Rosenthal of La Jolla, California were designated MTS Fellows.The Compass Distinguished Achievement Award was presented to Bruce Gilman, the Compass International Award honored CONTROS Systems and Solution and the Compass Industrial Award honored Oceaneering International. The Lockheed Martin Award for Ocean Sciences and Engineering was presented to Howard Shatto. The Ocean News and Technology Young Professional Awards were presented to Jacob Sobin and Evan Zimmerman.  

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