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MTS Rolls Out Pilot Program for New Company Member Benefit

8/6/2018 12:00:00 AM


MTS, is rolling out a pilot program in time for this year’s OCEANS Charleston 2018!  The OCEANS Exhibitor Loyalty Rewards Program will act like a frequent flyer rewards program or “buy 10 cups of coffee and get your 11th free”.

To be eligible, an MTS Member Company must have purchased a minimum of ten (10) booths over the past ten (10) years.  As with other member rewards programs, there are escalating tiers from Silver to Diamond, depending on how many booths your company has purchased over the most recent ten years. Rewards earned are awarded in the form of free booth space at a future OCEANS.  More details may be found by clicking here.

We are happy to announce that this year’s inaugural winners are Teledyne Marine and Kongsberg!

As we continue to refine and develop additional member benefits we will keep you updated.  Please check the link above to see if your MTS Member Company is among the upcoming winners who are getting close to earning rewards.  Also, we encourage all MTS Member Companies to check this list to see if you feel your company should qualify or has accrued more than the listed number of booths. If so, please contact us at and let us know – we want more winners!

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