Marine Technology Summer Camps

We are partnering with Northwestern Michigan College and Rutgers University to offer summer camp experiences for undergraduate and high school students.

These are exciting opportunities are geared toward students with little to no experience using marine technologies. The Marine Technology Camps offer students a chance to learn about several technologies and to deploy equipment to gather data applied to various investigations.

Northwestern Michigan College Undergraduate Camp – May 18-22, 2020: Join us for a week-long, hands-on experience using several marine technologies. Participants will log time on research vessels, collect data using ROVs, sonar, sensors and buoys and learn about the multiple applications of these technologies.

Rutgers University Undergraduate Camp –  June 7-12, 2020: Join us for a week-long, hands-on experience using underwater glider technologies. Participants will be introduced to the underwater robots while gaining hands-on experience prepping, ballasting, deploying and piloting.

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