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May 2020 Newsletter

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Library of Technical Presentations

  • Ron Seiple, Creative Technology Applications, presented on CTA’s current project, the Soft Rail Launch and Recovery System. Click here for more information and videos clips of Soft Rail.
  • Mark Ott, Harbor Wing Technologies, presented an overview of the company and its products. Click here for the full presentation.
  • Bill Friedl, Sanctuary Advisory Council, gave an overview of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. Click here for the full presentation.
  • Bruce Howe, UH-SOEST, Department of  Ocean and Resources Engineering, presented on ocean observatories. Click here for the full presentation.
  • Rick Shema, Applied Marine Solutions and weatherguy.com, presented an overview of these companies. Click here for the full presentation.
  • Evan Rapoport, Archinoetics, gave an overview of Project NIU (Nature Imparts Understanding) that connects students to the ocean. Click here for the full presentation. To contact Rapoport, use the form at http://www.projectniu.org/home/contact.
  • Scott Godwin, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries, “Technology and Marine Resource Protection.”
  • Joe Van Ryzin, Makai Ocean Engineering, discussed Hawaii Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) activity with a focus on a Oahu 100 MW OTEC plant. Click here for the full presentation.
  • Philomene Verlaan, International Marine Minerals Society, gave an overview of the environmental code for marine mining. Click here for the full presentation.
  • Pat Cross, Oasis, discussed the use of ocean gliders for acoustic monitoring of marine mammals. Click here for the full presentation.

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