Special Election – Vice President of Early Career Ocean Professionals

Beginning March 1, 2021, the MTS Board of Directors will include a Vice President of ECOP. The VP of ECOP will represent the interests of Early Career Ocean Professionals within the Society, will serve on the membership advisory group and the budget and finance committee, and will serve a two-year non-renewable term. Voting is now closed and the results will be announced soon.

Meet the Candidates

Jose Alfredo Giron Nava

Learn more about Alfredo

Benton LeBlanc

Learn more about Benton

Vice-President of Early Career Ocean Professionals
Position dates: March 1, 2021 through December 31, 2022

  1. Represent the interests of Early Career Ocean Professional members
  2. Serve on the Budget and Finance Committee
  3. Serve on Membership Advisory Group

Early Career Ocean Professional (ECOP) Membership

Beginning January 1, 2021, MTS will offer a new Early Career Ocean Professional (ECOP) membership category. ECOP members are defined as “an individual who is within 10 years of their last professional degree and self-identified as an ECOP.” This membership ($50) will come with all the rights and privileges of Society membership. Contact our office for more information on how to join, or visit www.mtsociety.org/membership.

Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) Section

Beginning in 2021, MTS will form a special Section of the Marine Technology Society for ECOP members. Led by an elected ECOP member, this ECOP Section will explore topics of interest to its members, host special ECOP events, and provide information, resources, and opportunities for ECOP members.

MTS is committed to accelerating ECOP engagement in global marine technology and ocean sustainability initiatives by fostering leadership opportunities for ECOP members. Our diverse portfolio of mentors and global thought-leaders from academia, industry, and government sectors offer a unique opportunity to ECOP stakeholders. Through their scientific and technological expertise and their fresh perspective, ECOP members are key partners in our efforts to support the Decade.  

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