Welcome to MTS

It’s an honor and a pleasure to welcome you to the Marine Technology Society’s website. This resource is intended to serve the needs of our membership, and also provide a range of audiences with both an introduction to our unique organization, as well as initial access to some of our important products. MTS was started in 1963 as a voice for what was then an emerging technological community, at that time largely serving a handful of critical communities, including the oil and gas industry as well as national security. Today, continuing to serve those applications, MTS is now a leading group for discussing new ideas, and presenting developments with applications ranging from coastal management, to sustainable fisheries, to renewable energy, to natural hazard mitigation and the fundamental research supporting all marine studies. Our society is a place for all of our community to engage, learn, mentor, and share ideas. We strive to provide services for young professionals (through competitions and scholarships), mid-career scientists/engineers/educators/policy makers (through internships and high-impact publications), and senior leaders (through mentorships, conferences, tech surges, and awards).

Marine technology is increasingly a mainstream component of the important issues and concerns of society. Our research and development activities are directly tied to critical issues such as food security, energy security, water security, public health, as well as commerce, and global security. As President of MTS it is my honor to represent the extraordinary accomplishments and benefits of the work done by our community to policy makers and agency heads on a regular basis. To this end, the involvement of each and every member of our Society is a critical element of our success.

I hope you will take some time to ‘surf’ through our website. Within you will find deep knowledge of key technological issues. You can learn about upcoming events, and, hopefully, join us at several. You’ll be able to find past colleagues, and make new connections specific to the field of marine technology. And most importantly, you will help MTS meet its mission “To promote awareness, understanding, advancement and application of marine technology.”

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