Buoy Workshop 2024

Exhibitor Information

Connect with the marine technology buoy community by exhibiting at the 2024 Buoy Workshop. We welcome manufacturers and distributors of components and instrumentation for oceanographic buoy systems to exhibit at the workshops. The Exhibitor area will be available for visits and exchange during breaks. We request that all Exhibitors attend the presentations.

Exhibition Fee

Exhibit Tables are SOLD OUT!

Registration Process

  1. Register for the conference.
  2. Add on exhibit table during registration process.
  3. Complete the Exhibitor Terms and Conditions and email it to [email protected].

Exhibit Location

Exhibits will be located in the Blyn Bay Room at the 7 Cedars Resort.

Shipping Information

Boxes are to arrive no more than three (3) days prior to the first event date. If the Exhibitor chooses to ship
instead to their Hotel, contact that Hotel for any charges incurred.

Please be sure that all information appears on your shipping and return labels before mailing your material.
Equipment is to be shipped to:

7 Cedars Resort
ATTN: Ron Sather/Dennise Kettel
270756 Highway 101
Sequim, WA 98382
PHONE: 360-681-6762

It will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor to make arrangements for return shipment from our Event Services
Office through their carrier, or their Hotel. The Exhibitor must have properly packaged and addressed all
packages accordingly. It is also the Exhibitor’s responsibility to fill out all commercial invoices required for
shipments outside of the US. All boxes/packages will be brought to the Event Services Office by the Hotel’s
Facilities Team. The 7 Cedars Resort does not assume responsibility for damage to, or loss of, any merchandise
or article brought into the 7 Cedars Resort facility. C.O.D. Deliveries must be paid in cash by the recipient at the
time of delivery otherwise will be refused.

If you need further Shipping instructions, please contact [email protected] or 360‐681‐6762 in the Events
Services Office.

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