Marine Technology Society Journal (MTSJ)

The Marine Technology Society Journal is the flagship publication of the Marine Technology Society. It publishes the highest caliber, peer-reviewed papers, six times a year, on subjects of interest to the society: marine technology, ocean science, marine policy, and education. The Marine Technology Society has published the MTS Journal under its current title since 1969.

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Current and Archived Issues

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Current Edition

July/August 2021 MTS Journal - Best of Virtual Oceans 2020 

The July/August 2021 MTS Journal issue (Volume 55, Number 4), "Best of Virtual OCEANS 2020," brings you an eclectic mix of commentaries and articles from marine technology professionals and Student Poster Competition participants in the 2020 OCEANS Singapore--U.S. Gulf Coast conference. 


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Manuscript Submission

The Marine Technology Society Journal publishes the following categories of submissions:

  • Technical/Scientific Paper
  • Technical/Scientific Note
  • Commentary
  • Book Reviews

For comments, suggestions, or requests, please send email to Amy Morgante, Managing Editor.

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The MTS Journal (Print ISSN 0025-3324) is published six times a year by the Marine Technology Society.

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