MTS Student Scholarships


Each year MTS awards significant scholarship funding to undergraduate and graduate students who are accepted into or enrolled in full-time marine-related programs (with a focus on marine technology, marine engineering, or marine science). 

MTS also offers the Emerging Leaders in Marine Technology Program (EMERGE) designed to give undergraduate and graduate students as well as early career ocean professionals (ECOPs) a guided program to enhance their professional development and networking experience at OCEANS Conferences. To learn more about EMERGE, including the program timeline, eligibility, and how to apply click here


John C. Bajus Scholarship - $1,000 - Open to MTS members who are college undergraduates and graduate students currently enrolled full-time in a marine-related field who have shown a commitment to community service and/or volunteer activities. 

Dieter Family Scholarship - Up to $1,500 - Open to MTS members that are college undergraduates or graduate students currently enrolled full-time in a marine-related field. Full student registration and UP TO $1,500 for travel-related expenses to attend the OCEANS Conference. Winners are strongly encouraged to volunteer while at OCEANS. Winners will be required to submit an expense report with all receipts to ensure the money was used properly. Final approval will be determined by the MTS office. 

The Paros-Digiquartz Scholarship - $2,000 - Open to MTS members with an interest in marine instrumentation who are undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled full-time in an academic institution. 

Charles H. Bussmann Undergraduate Scholarship - $2,500 - Open to MTS members who are college undergraduate students currently enrolled full-time in a marine-related field. 

Charles H. Bussmann Graduate Scholarship - $2,500 - Open to MTS members who are college graduate students currently enrolled full-time in a marine-related field. 


To be eligible for consideration, applicants are required to be active members of MTS, with student memberships available for $25 per year. Additionally, applicants must be full-time graduate or undergraduate students currently enrolled in or accepted into in a 2-year or 4-year marine studies program. It is important to note that students who were recipients of a scholarship in the previous year are not eligible to reapply for the same scholarship in the following year. 

If membership dues pose a barrier for you to apply, please contact [email protected].


The 2024 MTS Scholarship application period is now closed. Check back in February for the 2025 scholarship information! 


All applicants are required to upload and submit the following letters with the scholarship application:

Letter of Recommendation (ONE required for all scholarships and EMERGE): A letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, professor, advisor, co-op, or internship supervisor who can speak to your experiences in a marine-related context, including research conducted.

Letter of Reference: EMERGE Scholarship Character Reference (ONE required for EMERGE ONLY): From someone you know who IS NOT a teacher, counselor, advisor, or professor. This letter will is highlighting the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the person applying for the EMERGE scholarship. Suggestions are a neighbor, family friend or volunteer supervisor/coordinator, but NOT a parent or immediate family member. This is NOT a recommendation letter.

Please upload the letter of recommendation on the form. If the person drafting the letter prefers, they can also send it directly to our email at [email protected]


Each scholarship has a different set of criteria. Please review the criteria for the scholarship to which you are applying. In most cases, you’ll need to submit an application, a recommendation letter and a unofficial transcript. All applications and supporting documents must be submitted/postmarked by the deadline. The review committee will use a rubric to evaluate the scholarship applications in late spring/early summer.


To make a donation to MTS scholarships, MTS EMERGE Program, or for more information, contact Abbey Wakely at  [email protected]. 

For more information about the application process, view the Frequently Asked Questions.