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MTS celebrates 60 years of impact and innovation!

Originally formed in June 1963, MTS stands stronger than ever six decades later. As we celebrate 60 years of impact and innovation, we will embark on a journey to look back at the last six decades and take an in depth look at the individuals, organizations, and innovations in technology that have impacted not only the society, but the marine technology industry as a whole. 

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What does MTS do?

MTS creates opportunities through networking, events, mentorship, and career advancement. Our vision is to be the leading authority and advocate for marine technology and resources while promoting member success and public understanding. 
  • Facilitate a broader understanding of the relevance of marine technology to wider global issues by enhancing the dissemination of marine technology information.
  • Promote and improve marine technology and related educational programs.
  • Advance the development of the tools and procedures required to explore, study and further the responsible and sustainable use of the oceans. 

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MTS Sections
MTS Sections are located worldwide, and plan activities and events based on member interest. Activities include seminars, presentations, collaboration, and hosting conferences. 

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MTS Committees
MTS Committees are technical interest groups that bring together members with common interests and enhance a sense of community through events, such as specialized conferences, workshops, and special issues of the Journal

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Early Career Ocean Professionals are entrusted to perform tasks in all sectors of society, from the development of cutting-edge research and technology to the implementation of policies. 

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Opportunities for Students
Student members of MTS have access to opportunities for academic and career advancement through participation in Student Sections, scholarships, leadership opportunities, mentorship, networking, summer camps, and more. 

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