Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs)

Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) are regularly entrusted to perform highly demanding tasks in all sectors of society. From the development of cutting edge research and technology, to the implementation of policies, ECOP are a driving force of society. There is, however, a need to provide opportunities for ECOP to advance their careers and explore alternative career paths. This is a role that MTS is ready to take on as the leading international community of ocean scientists and engineers, practitioners, policy makers and educators. As a society, we are well positioned to provide opportunities to our ECOP members in various aspects of capacity development, networking and career advancement.

Mission of the MTS ECOP Section

MTS provides opportunities for its ECOP community to further advance their career through capacity development, training, and networking opportunities.


The Marine Technology Society contributes to the recognition of intergenerational diversity as a core need of marine research, engineering, business and policy making. Through our programs, we prepare our ECOP membership to position themselves as thoughtful leaders, trusted collaborators, and professionals.


  • Provide accessible opportunities for ECOP members to develop new technical, social and leadership skills
  • Create opportunities for ECOP to have meaningful engagements with senior members of MTS that can result in long-lasting mentoring relationships
  • Open career paths for ECOP members that want to explore alternative careers or further advance in their current track
  • Position MTS as a key partner to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development by bringing ECOP scientific and technological expertise that can be applied to achieve the Decade’s societal goals

For more information about membership, or if you want help signing up for membership, contact the membership team at [email protected] or call 202-827-7176.

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ECOPs have access to a special ECOP Section, beginning in 2021. This special Section will focus on the unique career building and networking needs of early career professionals. The Section is new - but is growing fast! You can join the Section when you join MTS - or to update your Section membership, view your profile or contact our office for assistance. 

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