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MTS Sections are located worldwide and Section membership is included in MTS membership at no additional cost. Sections plan activities and events based on member interest. Join a Section when you join MTS or contact us to add or change your Section ([email protected]). If you want to start a Section review the Bylaws or review our MTS Leadership Toolbox. Browse the Section listing below. MTS members can search for members of Sections, Student Sections, or Committees using the Member Directory.

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Are you interested in starting a local Section in your geographic area? Section Petitions require 15 members in good standing and approval of the MTS Board of Directors. View the Local Section Petition Form in PDF, or submit online.

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The Early Career Ocean Professional (ECOP) Section, set to launch in 2021, will provide networking, professional development, and continuing education opportunities to ECOP members that are interested in engaging with global sustainability initiatives. This worldwide Section will be based on career stage - not geographical location. Eligibility requirements include: member in good standing with the Marine Technology Society; within 10 years of obtaining last professional degree or designation; and all specialties, sectors, or interests across ocean disciplines are welcome. 

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The MTS Florida Section has opportunities to collaborate with many university oceanography centers as well as state and private institutions. The State of Florida is focused on using marine technology to help address coastal and weather issues – providing the Section a great opportunity to work together to advance marine technology.

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Great Lakes

The MTS Great Lakes Section hosts annual TechSurges, and is a partner in the Lakebed 2020 effort.

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Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast is a hub for marine technology with professionals working in the military, private sectors, and government agencies along with many strong university programs in marine sciences. The Section hosts Oceans in Action, along with other meetings with speakers throughout the year.

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Hampton Roads

The Hampton Roads Section will host the OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads conference. Stay tuned for TechSurge events and webinars as we approach the conference date.

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The Hawaii Section offers regular technical presentations as well as social events.

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The Houston Section in conjunction with MTS hosts a variety of seminars and Conferences throughout the year, as well as awarding scholarships to students, recognizing outstanding industry contributors and encouraging the advancement of knowledge and technical excellence.

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The India Section hosts a variety of seminars, conferences, workshops, and student events throughout the year, as well as awarding several scholarships and awards to students.

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The MTS Japan Section, now in operation for over 30 years, is committed to the advancement of marine technology. Convening top minds at several OCEANS conferences, the Japan Section is a critical partner in MTS engagement in Asia-Pacific.

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The purpose of the Korea Section is to promote broader understanding among the Society’s members and the general public regarding marine and ocean technologies. The Section’s membership consists of engineers, scientists, lawyers, economists, students and members of related professions.

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Monterey Bay

One of the focuses of the Monterey Bay Section is to work with the MATE ROV competition. MATE Inspiration for Innovation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that grew out of the Marine Advanced Technology Education Center of Excellence established in 1997 with funding from the National Science Foundation's Advanced Technological Education program. 

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New England

The New England Section hosts events, workshops, and a regular podcast.

New England Section 


The purpose of the Norway Section of MTS is to promote broader understanding among the Society’s members and the general public regarding marine and ocean technologies. The Section’s membership consists of engineers, scientists, economists, policy-makers, students and members of related professions.

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The Oregon Section of the Marine Technology Society serves the needs of the industrial, academic, and government marine technology sectors for the whole State of Oregon with a focus on historic and growing activity within the Willamette Valley and the Oregon Coast.  The Section is based out of Corvallis, home of Oregon State University and many more forward-looking marine technological efforts. We also coordinate activities in Newport reaching out to the scientific, fishing and marine industries on the coast.

Oregon Section Webpage

Pacific Canada

MTS Pacific Canada: connecting Western Canada's vibrant blue economy. We are thrilled to unveil this new Section, serving marine technology and ocean engineering professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts. MTS Pacific Canada's mission is clear: to foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing within this dynamic region, all while working towards a sustainable and resilient ocean future.

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Puget Sound

The purpose of the Puget Sound Section is to offer networking and educational events for Section members and to promote the broader understanding and advancement of marine technology to members and the general public. In cooperation with the Oregon Section, the Puget Sound co-hosts the Northwest Technology Summit.

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San Diego

The San Diego Section hosts monthly speaker series as well as a student internship program.

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The Singapore Section of MTS serves its members through regular workshops and conferences, most recently the Global OCEANS 2020: Singapore-U.S. Gulf Coast virtual conference.

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Washington, D.C.

The Washington D.C. Section of the Marine Technology Society includes members who work in Government, Academic and Corporate settings. The Section hosts the Annual MTS/Oceaneering Summit each fall as well as regular speaker and networking events.

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