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November Executive Director's Message

As we continue to move forward from the past two years of global health, economic, and political instability, MTS is striving to strengthen our organization, enrich the quality of services we provide to our community, and enhance the network connections that bring the marine technology ecosystem closer together.

As a member-led and member-supporting organization, our priority is to provide programs and services — responsive to your personal and professional needs — that deliver unrivaled value. We recognize this value is different to each member and appreciate the dynamic relationship between program quality, your member experience, and the price you pay that influences the value you receive. We promise to center that value in all the organization does going forward.

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Inaugural EMERGE Program Hits the Ground Running

OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads saw the inaugural offering of the MTS EMERGE Program, which supports both undergraduate and graduate students as well as early-career ocean professionals (ECOPs). At the event, participants were paired with an experienced mentor to guide them throughout the conference and help expand their professional networks. 

Program highlights included virtual and on-site orientations, special receptions and networking opportunities, introductions on the exhibit hall floor, time at the MTS booth, and an ECOP breakfast with access to experienced members of the ocean community and leadership from IEEE and MTS. 

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Member Spotlight: Sea-Bird Scientific

Among the world’s largest developers and manufacturers of products that measure salinity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, nutrients, and other parameters, Sea-Bird Scientific is committed to making instruments that scientists can trust. Dedication to accuracy and quality, two factors upon which research and policy decisions rely, ensures their instruments deliver reliable measurements and stand up to some of the harshest conditions on the planet. 

“Our knowledge of the ocean is limited by the technology we use to explore it,” says Sea-Bird Scientific Product Manager Natalie Zielinski. “Compared to other fields of study like biology and astronomy, oceanography and subsea exploration are young branches of science. As a result, there are boundless opportunities for innovation in marine sensors and platforms.”

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MTS Brings Startups to the International Table

As the Blue Economy expands, MTS leadership continues to seek opportunities to open doors for members. Beyond large gatherings like this month’s successful OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads conference, targeted opportunities are used to highlight the value MTS and its members deliver. 

Portugal’s Ambassador to the U.S. Francisco Duarte Lopes recently contacted MTS VP for Government and Public Affairs Jerry Miller regarding an October 7 Blue Economy Roundtable with Bernardo Ivo Cruz, Portugal’s Secretary of State for International Trade and Foreign Investment. The ambassador expressed particular interest in U.S. startups, so Miller turned to some of MTS’ newest members and organizational partners.

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October President's Message

MTS has been picking up momentum since OCEANS 2021 in San Diego, and we are now full steam ahead. With record participation at Oceans in Action, MTS Symposium DC, Buoy Conference, and Lakebed 2030, the vibe at OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads was overwhelmingly positive! For this Navy gal, the conference was a wonderful reunion with so many shipmates. Heartfelt appreciation to Ray Toll, Laura Rogers, Dan Sternlicht, and the entire local organizing committee. Thank you to MCI-USA, Veraprise, and our sponsors, patrons, exhibitors, and attendees. 

MTS welcomed NASA as a partner this year and remains grateful to NOAA, the U.S. Navy, and BOEM, who not only supported the exhibit, but also were a key part of our panels and town halls. We thank Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, who set the positive tone that we can make a difference. With stellar panels each day, we ended with an outstanding “oceanside” chat on resiliency and the importance of the public-private partnership that featured NASA Chief Scientist and Senior Climate Advisor Dr. Katherine Calvin and NOAA Chief Scientist Dr. Sarah Kapnick.

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Highlights: MTS Technology Forum & MTS/Oceaneering Symposium

The MTS/Oceaneering Symposium returned for its 30th anniversary on September 15. The symposium serves as a kickoff for the MTS Washington DC Section's year ahead and is a signature event for the entire Capital Region maritime community. 

This year’s event saw the return of The MTS Technology Forum, a high-level panel discussion on emerging topics in the maritime industry. Since its addition in 2019, the forum has featured topics including uncrewed systems, the blue economy, technology trends and challenges, and more. This year’s discussion theme, “A New Era of Marine Technology and Data Management,” tied it all together. The forum happily welcomed back Lisa Blodgett, Sector Head of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Force Projection Sector, as moderator. Blodgett has extensive experience in both advanced surveillance build programs and surveillance anti-submarine warfare systems with new technologies. She is also a member of the Defense Science Board Task Force on unmanned undersea systems.

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September Executive Director's Message

OCEANS 2022 in Hampton Roads, Virginia, is just a few weeks away and the MTS community is buzzing with excitement. OCEANS is a perennially impactful event, and this year promises to be as energetic and exciting as ever. Building on the success of our in-person and virtual programming at OCEANS 2021, we again look forward to welcoming remote and on-site participation from our members, exhibitors, and the broader marine technology community!

I joined MTS six months ago, humbled at the opportunity to lead such a venerable institution and excited by the incredible strategic opportunities at our doorstep. To better understand how we could deploy an organizational strategy to best serve you, the MTS membership, I’ve spent most of my time thus far visiting with folks throughout our community. I’ve asked questions and sought to deeply listen to your thoughts and reflections. I’m grateful for the candid and open feedback that our staff, board, and members have shared about the future of MTS.

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Summary: MTS Bioinspired Marine Systems Committee Meeting on Sensing and Hydrodynamic Performance of Underwater Swimmers

On September 9, scientists from a wide variety of STEM fields converged at the George Mason University Potomac Science Center for a one-day conference of the MTS Bioinspired Marine Systems Committee, sponsored by MTS and the George Mason University Department of Physics and Astronomy. 

The meeting brought together experimental, theoretical, and computational scientists from physics, ocean engineering, materials science, biology, biomechanics, fluid mechanics, mechanical engineering, robotics, computer science and electrical engineering, underwater acoustics, AI, and human-robot interaction communities. 

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