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EMERGE 2023: Shaping the Future of Ocean Professionals

In its second year, the Marine Technology Society (MTS) EMERGE (Emerging Leaders in Marine Technology) program provided critical support for promising ocean professionals to attend the OCEANS Gulf Coast 2023 Conference. This year, the program expanded to 14 participants and included attendees from all backgrounds: community college students, early career professionals, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

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September 2023 - Message from the President

Charting a Course for Success: Reflections on OCEANS Gulf Coast and the Path Forward for MTS

Late September brought a very busy week at MTS/IEEE  OCEANS Gulf Coast. I am thrilled to share that it was a highlight of the year for our Society. OCEANS is an embodiment of MTS’s mission, bringing together the marine technology community, including developers and users, in a vibrant exchange of ideas and expertise.

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