January/February MTS Journal - The New Blue Economy Released


The January/February Issue of the Journal is available now on Ingenta. The issue, which is open access, focuses on the New Blue Economy.

Forward by Guest Editor Liesl Hotaling, Eidos Education, Highlands, NJ, MTS VP of Communications & Publications:

Welcome to a special issue of the Marine Technology Society (MTS) Journal focused on the New Blue Economy (NBE). As technology and data are a cornerstone of the NBE, the topic is of special interest to the MTS community.

We have a number of commentaries focused on different aspects of the NBE including a contribution from Dr. Judith Kildow, Founder and Director Emeritus of the National Ocean Economics Program. Her commentary maps the development of the Blue Economy and The Importance of Understanding the Ocean's Economic Value for a Sustainable World. READ MORE HERE. 

Dr. Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC UNESCO), offers his perspective, Vision of Sustainable Ocean Economy Transcends Money Matters, to the crucial and quickly evolving sustainable ocean economy and the role of NBE technology, science and information services in enabling its delivery.

Dr. Wendy Watson Wright, Founder and CEO of 7 Mile Bay, who served as the inaugural CEO of the Atlantic Canada-based Ocean Frontier Institute and served as the first female Executive Secretary and Assistant Director General of IOC-UNESCO, offers her perspective on the need for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in the NBE.

The role of professional societies in advancing the NBE is explored in Innovating Professional Societies for the New Blue Economy by Justin Manley, Founder and Principal Consultant of Just Innovation and President Elect of the Marine Technology Society.

The Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) offers an overview of their 2021 survey of the UK Marine Scientific Industry (Johnson et al. commentary). The SMI annually surveys businesses to better understand the state of the companies and intelligence gathering regarding future trends.

Dr. Ralph Rayner, Carl Gouldman, and Dr. Catherine Tobin of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Integrated Ocean Observing System Program Office summarize the results of a newly published study of the changes in the scale and scope of U.S. NBE business activity over the period 2015–2020.

A Technical Note on the Case for Microcredentials for Workforce Preparation is offered by Liesl Hotaling of Eidos Education and Hans Van Sumeren of Northwestern Michigan College.

Antonius Gagern of Additional Ventures, Justin Manley of Just Innovation, and Lydia Kapsenberg of CEA Consulting offer examples of ocean-based carbon dioxide removal approaches under evaluation and how responding to these challenges offer an intriguing opportunity for innovators and investors to engage the NBE in Ocean Based Carbon Dioxide Removal: A New Frontier in the Blue Economy.

And we close the focus on the NBE with a new feature for the Marine Technology Society Journal, the Industry Spotlight. This new feature will offer an opportunity for corporate members to share bold, new ideas they hope will shape the industry in the near future. This issue features a contribution from Sofar Ocean on their new marine sensing systems with a plug-and-play ecosystem called Bristlemouth. The spotlight describes how the launch of the Bristlemouth open standard unleashes a low-cost connector, interface module and application protocol to deliver true flexible interconnectivity.

Our focus on the NBE in this issue is timely as the topic will be featured during the upcoming 9th Annual World Ocean Summit and the 2022 Oceanology International conference. People around the world are taking note, and MTS members are positioned to be in the epicenter of this movement. Enabled by science, technology, policy, and workforce development, the NBE can be a significant and impactful development at a critical time if appropriately formed and managed.

The MTS Journal is seeking papers for its November/December 2022 issue, Advancements in Buoy Technology to Support Ocean Observations, Maritime Safety, and Environmental Characterization. The issue will showcase commentaries, scientific notes, and technical papers from buoy technology leaders from around the world, including topics presented at the MTS Buoy Workshop in September 2022. For more information contact Amy Morgante, MTS Journal Managing Editor, [email protected].

The latest issue of SUT/MTS UT2 is out. Read it here!

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