Message from the President July 2023

MTS and MATE II - It's Official! 

We are thrilled to announce the integration of MATE Inspiration for Innovation (MATE II) and its signature program, the MATE ROV Competition, into the society's lineup of program offerings. This integration will foster connection and bridge the gap between today's professionals and future innovators in marine technology.

Having a rich tradition of shared volunteers between MTS and MATE II, this collaboration nurtures and strengthens the bonds between students, educators, industry professionals, and researchers. As highlighted by Jill Zande, MATE Executive Director, during the 2023 MATE ROV World Championship Award Ceremony in Longmont, Colorado, we now have the incredible opportunity to offer graduating MATE participants a direct pathway to the MTS member community. By joining forces, MATE participants find a welcoming community and a robust support network as they progress in their journey from student members and on to become early career ocean professionals (ECOPs). 

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Marty Klein's Impact on MATE Participants

One of the many pillars to the MATE ROV Competition is Marty Klein. Marty’s enduring dedication and unwavering support of the MATE ROV Competition has been truly remarkable. Over the years, Marty has consistently demonstrated a deep passion for advancing STEM education and inspiring the next generation of innovators. Marty’s contributions extend beyond financial support; his active involvement, guidance, and mentorship have had a profound impact on the participants and the overall success of the competition.

At the 2023 MATE ROV World Championship Award Ceremony, MTS Fellow Don Walsh and his son Kelly Walsh presented Marty with the 'MATE Sponsored Martin Klein Award for Inspiration and Innovation'. Don shared his admiration of Marty's time and treasure that he has invested to inspire young people to follow their paths to advance the frontiers of ocean exploration. 

Thanks to Marty's steadfast dedication and generous support, countless students have been empowered to explore the exciting world of underwater robotics and marine exploration. From all of us at MTS - we thank Marty for the impact he has had on the marine technology community. 

In the words of Don Walsh - "You are indeed a mentor to many and a friend to all and we greatly admire what you have been able to do." Congratulations on this award! 

New Opportunity for Members

The new partnership with MATE presents an expanded avenue for members to inspire and prepare the upcoming generation of ocean professionals. We strongly encourage our members to consider taking on roles such as coordinating regional events or mentoring MATE teams. As a mentor, you hold the potential to inspire and guide students in maritime STEM. The act of mentoring helps individual members enhance their technical, problem-solving, and leadership skills while providing opportunities for personal growth by learning from students and other mentors. Embracing these roles fosters a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, adding value to both the mentor and the mentees. 

Connecting MTS Sections with MATE Regional Events

MTS Sections play a pivotal role in MATE regional events, serving as a crucial link in the career chain for MATE participants, especially those transitioning from secondary/post-secondary education to ECOPs. In actively engaging with students during these regional events, Sections create a pathway towards successful careers in marine technology.

The continuity of support and mentorship from MTS Sections fosters a strong foundation and passion for the field and inspires students to pursue their interests in the marine technology industry. The partnership between MATE regional events and MTS Sections becomes a core connection, shaping the future of aspiring ocean professionals and empowering them toward meaningful impacts in marine technology. 

By organizing a regional event, MTS members are establishing a platform to attract aspiring ocean professionals, meeting them on their own turf. This not only offers students a valuable learning and growth experience but also introduces them to career opportunities within the wider MTS community. 

Impact of the 2023 MATE ROV World Championship

The 2023 MATE ROV World Championship drew participants from diverse corners of the globe, with representatives hailing from 11 different countries and 18 American states. A total of 59 teams, comprising approximately 750 team members and mentors, along with 150 volunteers and 200 spectators, made the event truly grand.

Jesuit High School from Carmichael, CA secured the first-place position overall in the EXPLORER (advanced) class for the second consecutive year, while Cabrillo College from Aptos, CA claimed the top spot in the PIONEER (advanced/intermediate) class. The first-place spot for the RANGER (intermediate) class was earned by an all-female team from St. Francis Catholic High School in Sacramento, CA. For a full list of award winners and prizes, visit

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