2024 MTS Buoy Workshop – Building on the Past and Reaching for the Future

Participants will learn about the history, developments and advancements in buoy and mooring technology to address the needs of a changing world.

The Marine Technology Society (MTS) is thrilled to announce plans for the 2024 MTS Buoy Workshop on May 20-23, 2024, at the 7 Cedars Casino in Sequim, Washington! This bi-annual workshop provides a valuable opportunity for professionals and researchers in the marine technology and oceanographic fields to come together, exchange knowledge, and discuss advancements in buoy technology.

Since the 1960’s, this workshop has covered the technology of oceanographic, weather, and other buoy systems. Originally based on the suggestion and support by the Office of Naval Research, buoy workshops have been organized and supported every two years since 1996 to foster communication and exchange between designers, assemblers, operators, and users of buoy systems. 

The MTS Buoy Workshop features some of the world’s leading figures within the buoy industry coupled with technical sessions covering the most current challenges and up-to-date strategies and technologies. Hosted in partnership with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, this year’s theme is “Building on the Past and Reaching for the Future” – buoy and mooring system developments and advancements to address the needs of a changing world.

Buoys play a crucial role in ocean research, environmental monitoring, maritime safety, and offshore operations, making this workshop an ideal opportunity for scientists, researchers, engineers, and ocean professionals looking to enhance their understanding of buoy technology.

During this workshop, participants will engage in a combination of theoretical sessions, practical demonstrations, and interactive exercises led by industry experts and experienced practitioners in the field. The workshop will cover key topics such as: ecosystems monitoring, long-term observing systems, buoy and mooring design, reliability and harsh environments, power, data, ecosystems monitoring, sensors and instrumentation, synergy, and regional and local observing.  

To learn more about the 2024 MTS Buoy Workshop, including how to register, sponsor, submit an abstract, and exhibit, visit mtsociety.org/buoy-workshop.

About the Marine Technology Society (MTS)

The Marine Technology Society (MTS) believes that advancements in the development and use of marine technologies are essential to support responsible and sustainable use of the ocean. Founded in 1963, we are an international professional society that provides members of academia, government, and industry a common forum for the exchange of information and ideas. Our members are engineers, scientists, technologists, policy makers, and educators on the leading-edge of technology design and application. MTS members work within the full spectrum of ocean and subsea technologies that support sustainable ocean use, ranging from offshore energy to dynamic positioning, ocean robotics to buoys, and many more.

About the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)

PNNL advances the frontiers of knowledge, taking on some of the world’s greatest science and technology challenges. Distinctive strengths in chemistry, earth sciences, biology, and data science are central to our scientific discovery mission. Our research lays a foundation for innovations that advance sustainable energy through decarbonization and energy storage and enhance national security through nuclear materials and threat analysis. PNNL collaborates with academia in fundamental research and with industry to transition technologies to market.

Chelsea Bladow
Communications Manager | Marine Technology Society
[email protected] | (202) 827-7172 | mtsociety.org

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