The Marine Technology Society Launches Ocean Enterprise Initiative with $3.9 Million Early Investment from NOAA


-WASHINGTON, DC - The Marine Technology Society (MTS), a global leader in ocean technology, is thrilled to introduce the Ocean Enterprise Initiative, a flagship program aimed at spearheading innovation, thought leadership, and economic development within the Ocean Enterprise. The Initiative includes the expansion of the signature program "Dialogues with Industry," launched in 2022 with partners from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), Kongsberg Discovery, and L3Harris Technologies. 

The Ocean Enterprise Initiative bolsters the Ocean Enterprise, which encompasses the public, private, non-profit, and academic entities that provide ocean observation measurement, forecasting data, and operational ocean information products and services. Members of the Ocean Enterprise are at the forefront of ocean technology innovation, sustainable ocean use, and economic growth.

The Department of Commerce and NOAA have provided early investment in a $3.9 million grant to advance industry engagement, thought leadership, and community coordination within the Initiative. This grant aligns with President Biden's Investing in America agenda, facilitated by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). 

Gina Raimondo, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, emphasizes the Initiative's significance: "Ocean data and information are foundational to climate resilience. This Initiative will create a forum for engagement between the public and private sectors who generate or work with this data and information to accelerate growth and maximize partnership opportunities to deliver societal, economic, and environmental benefits."

Sarah Kapnick, Ph.D., NOAA chief scientist, echoes the sentiment, saying "The value of the Ocean Enterprise has escalated rapidly in the last decade, and NOAA is proud to be a leader in that space. By joining forces with MTS, we will identify needs and define requirements for the future as this essential sector continues to grow in response to societal needs."

This substantial investment will empower MTS to continue its success as a global convener of the Ocean Enterprise. It will establish the Ocean Enterprise Initiative as a multi-year activity framework that fosters private-public dialogues. 

MTS Vision and Plan for Ocean Enterprise Initiative

Under the expert leadership of Brendal Townsend, recently appointed as Senior Director of the Ocean Enterprises Initiative, MTS will sustain and expand on the Dialogues with Industry program over four years. Brendal's extensive experience in program management, thought leadership, and network engagement will strengthen MTS's position as a leader in the field.

"The appointment of Brendal Townsend is a significant milestone for MTS. Her leadership will be pivotal in advancing the Ocean Enterprise Initiative and supporting our responsible and sustainable ocean use mission. We are excited to welcome her to our rapidly growing team," said Chris Ostrander, Chief Executive Officer of MTS. 

In collaboration with NOAA, GOOS, and additional partners and continued support from Kongsberg Discovery and L3Harris, MTS will gather insights and needs from the global Ocean Enterprise. These insights will translate into actionable recommendations, roadmaps, and needs assessments, fostering greater alignment between public and private interests and highlighting opportunities for collaboration and support. 

Mr. Ostrander expressed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking collaboration stating, "MTS is thrilled to collaborate with NOAA on this Initiative to strengthen the Ocean Enterprise. Our mission-driven approach will address topics such as ocean carbon dioxide removal technologies, real-time ocean data telemetry standards, and broader national priorities like ocean-driven renewable energy transformation, marine ecosystem conservation, and cultivating the blue economy's future workforce." 

Please visit the Marine Technology Society website for more information about the Ocean Enterprise Initiative. 

About the Marine Technology Society (MTS)

The Marine Technology Society (MTS) believes that advancements in the development and use of marine technologies are essential to support responsible and sustainable use of the ocean. Founded in 1963, we are an international professional society that provides members of academia, government, and industry a common forum for the exchange of information and ideas. Our members are engineers, scientists, technologists, policy makers, and educators on the leading-edge of technology design and application. MTS members work within the full spectrum of ocean and subsea technologies that support sustainable ocean use, ranging from offshore energy to dynamic positioning, ocean robotics to buoys, and many more.


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